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Researchers Document Best Sex Positions for Men Suffering from Back Injuries

Researchers Document Best Sex Positions for Men Suffering from Back InjuriesBy: Jason Neufeld Many of you know that I try to read medical abstracts related to my personal-injury law practice. Sometimes I will blog about those I find interesting. However, it is not often that I find research that I KNOW will be interesting to […]

Miami Head Injury Lawyers

Miami Head Injury LawyersBrain Injuries From An Automobile Collision In our modern world, driving is a necessity rather than a luxury. With all of the distractions present on the road, drivers need to stay focused to avoid accidents. While most will ago their best to divert automobile accidents, it’s not possible to control the actions […]

X-Ray vs. CT Scan vs. MRI

X-Ray vs. CT Scan vs. MRIInjuries and Diagnostic Imaging Tests When illness or injury present the possibility of internal abnormalities, diagnostic imaging techniques allow doctors to ascertain the internal conditions from a visual standpoint. Imaging tests provide a noninvasive way to confirm or rule out specific diagnoses. The most common tests used are x-rays, computed […]

Traumatic Brain Injury – Severity Levels & Life After Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury – Severity Levels & Life After InjuryTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can come in many shapes and forms. Though most individuals associate TBIs with contact sports and auto accidents, brain injury can result from a number of circumstances, including everyday slips and falls. From mild concussions to skull fractures, all forms of injury […]

Low-Impact Collisions

Low-Impact CollisionsIt is common knowledge that accidents that occur at high speeds can cause significant damage and injuries. However, what is less commonly known is that low-impact collisions can be just as dangerous and damaging. Many studies have been conducted regarding low-impact collisions, both front- and rear-end crashes. The studies conclude that serious injuries do […]

After A Serious Injury

After A Serious InjuryChiropractor vs. Physical Therapist vs. Orthopedic Doctor Being injured in an automobile accident or a serious accidental injury is devastating to our clients both financially and physically. Most people don’t know the difference between what chiropractors, physical therapist and orthopedic physicians do. They often are seeking information on what direction to take […]

My Doctor Failed To Diagnose Me Properly, Now What?

Delayed diagnosis is when there is a time delay between a person seeing a physician and the correct diagnosis of their present condition. It is one of the most common reasons for medical malpractice lawsuits. A delayed diagnosis of any type is especially problematic in any situation where a prompt diagnosis leads to a higher […]

Back to School Tips: Slow Down!

While the delightful smell of barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs still sifts through the air on weekends and plenty of people are still flocking to the beaches, it won’t be too long before everyone starts making way for pumpkin picking and apple gathering. These signs also mean that students and teachers will soon return to […]

We all mourn the death of Robin Williams

We all mourn the death of Robin WilliamsWritten By Jason NeufeldRobin Williams was a genius stand-up comedian, which translated into some of the most memorable roles in film history (Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, the Birdcage). But, as a Juliard graduate, he was also a talented dramatist (Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Awakenings). Mr. Williams was […]

Help! My Pharmacy gave me the Wrong Prescription

Every year, more than a million individuals are injured as a result of prescription mistakes. A small number of people even know of the physical risk associated in filling their prescriptions and possible consequences involved due to pharmacy errors or prescription mistakes. Large-chain drugstores fill more than a billion prescriptions annually. Medication mistakes may produce […]

Taking Care of Yourself on the Road

Taking Care of Yourself on the RoadWritten By Jason Neufeld  If you or someone you know has recently been in a car accident, then you understand how frustrating, confusing and time-consuming an accident can be. If there is any controversy at all in the accident, then the case can drag on for what can seem […]

Miami Slip and Fall Accidents

Miami Slip And Fall AccidentsWritten By Jason NeufeldPersonal injuries are some of the most difficult cases for individuals to go through; they cause so much more than just physical damage. Family responsibilities and employment concerns have to be considered. Things can get a bit overwhelming. This is why you need the right Miami personal injury […]

Miami Personal Injury Attorneys

Miami Personal Injury AttorneysWritten By Jason NeufeldUnited States citizens are involved in millions of injury cases per year. Large portions of those people seek medical care in the form of hospital assistance or care from a general physician. Thousands of accident victims die because of severe internal damages. Citizens who are either injured or affected […]

The “Neu” daddy – Avoiding Child Car Accident Injuries

The “Neu” daddy – Avoiding Child Car Accident InjuriesWritten By Jason Neufeld Personal injury lawyer, Jason Neufeld, with the law firm of Neufeld, Kleinberg, and Pinkiert, P.A. has recently become a father to two handsome twin boys. Jason has learned some of the biggest pitfalls new parents’ make when selecting and installing a car seat. […]

Miami Boating Accidents

Miami Boating AccidentsWritten By Jason NeufeldFor many, there is no better pastime than watersports and boating, and there is no better place in the United States to take part in these activities than the Florida Coast. Clear blue waters, comfortable ocean and seaway temperatures, and beautiful weather year-round make Florida the premier destination for watersports […]