Boat Injury Verdict – $350,000

Several weeks ago, Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert was approached by another law firm. This other law firm represented a man who was injured when an old wooden set of stairs (connecting a yacht to the dock) collapsed as the man was disembarking from the vessel. The owner of the boat had been previously notified of the stair / gangplank’s shoddy condition, but elected to avoid making any repairs or replacements. The man was significantly injured.

Knowing of David Kleinberg’s reputation as a relentless, yet entertaining and incisive advocate in the courtroom, the other law firm – only two weeks before opening statements – asked if David would step in as lead counsel to try the case.

Since the boating accident occurred while the client was technically a crew member, maritime law controlled and so the case was brought in Broward County Federal Court.

The trial lasted only four days. The jury took a day and a half to deliberate but, earlier today, returned a verdict of $350,000.