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Miami Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

If someone is injured in an accident, the potential for long-term harm is significant. When it comes time to determine compensation, it is critical to have a complete understanding of the lasting impact of all injuries sustained, especially regarding head injuries and brain damage. In cases such as this, experience makes the difference.

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At Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA, our Miami traumatic brain injury lawyers have handled numerous actions involving head trauma and brain injury, and know what to look for when evaluating the scope of damages. We have a point by point check list designed to ferret out the early symptoms of injury-related brain damage and diminished capacity, using our long experience to direct lines of questioning that even your health care provider might not consider. Questions like:

  • Are you experiencing shortness of temper or sudden flashes of anger?
  • Do noises bother you now that didn’t before your accident?
  • Is the television suddenly too loud?
  • Does the sound of children playing annoy you?
  • Are you misplacing things like car keys more than usual?
  • Do you find yourself driving, only to forget where you were going?
  • Are you socializing less?
  • Have you noticed recent sensitivity to light?

“By the time we go through our check list, the client feels that we have been living with them for the past several days, weeks or months,” says founder Alan S. Neufeld, Esq. “In a way we have, because we have seen this so many times before.”

Miami Head Injury Lawyer

NK&P elicits testimony from top neurologists and neuro-psychologists about the impact of client injuries, and the effect it has on their day-to-day activities and quality of life. We want our clients to treat with the best doctors and health care professionals, both to ensure the best possible medical outcomes, and to make sure that our clients obtain the highest possible reward through accurate diagnosis and unimpeachable testimony.

Whether your severe injuries were caused by car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents or medical malpractice, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced Florida personal injury attorney. Assessing and determining fair awards for brain injuries can be a difficult process, and you need a legal team that isn’t just familiar with courtroom procedures, but one that knows and fully understands the complexities of head trauma cases. With our decades of hands on experience, NK&P can help make sure you receive full compensation for your injuries.

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If you have questions regarding traumatic brain injury (TBI), we encourage you to contact Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA. All cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis — if there is no recovery, you do not pay. Evening and weekend appointments are available for the convenience of our clients. Services offered in English, Spanish and Creole.