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Florida Dental Malpractice – Dentist Negligence

A complaint against your dentist can be filed with the Florida Board of Dentistry. By just alleging facts that, if proven true, would constitute negligence, an investigation will be opened.

Florida Dental Malpractice - Dentist NegligenceDental malpractice in miami requires a miami medical malpractice attorney. It must be emphasized that a bad result does not necessarily mean the dentist was negligent – or fell below the standard of care, which is: what a reasonable dentist would do under the same or similar circumstances.

It is reasonably to expect a dentist to continually educate themselves throughout their career, staying current on most recent medical procedures and technology.

Dentists are also expected to keep good notes/records on each patient, what procedures have been proposed, noting that risks and benefits have been explained, etc… substandard notes are a great help to dental malpractice plaintiff’s attorneys trying to prove sloppy or substandard dentistry.

There are 5 dental specialties that we typcially encounter. We would take the negligent dentist’s records to the appropriate specialist for review. It is important to be on the look out for general dentists who attempt procedures usually reserved for specialists (i.e. extracting an impacted molar) … because that general dentist will then be held to the heightened standard of what a reasonable specialist (i.e endodontist in this case) would do.

The dental specialties we tend to interact with are:

(1) Endodontics – deals with the root/pulp of a tooth (which contain nerves). The most typical procedure performed by an endodontists is a root canal.

(2) Prosthodontics – utilize artificial materials to treat tempromandibular joint disorder (TMJ), restoring damaged teeth or replacing missing ones with implants.

(3) Orthodontics – probably the most common and recognizable of the dental specialties, these are the doctors that straighten our teeth and correct overbites using braces.

(4) Periodontists – specialize in treating diseases of the gums, such as gingivitis.

(5) Maxillofacial Surgery – usually performed under general anesthesia, that treat diseases or injuries in the head, face, jaw, and sometimes neck. The most common maxillofacial surgery would be to remove an impacted tooth, assisting with difficult tooth extractions, and performing TMJ-related procedures.

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