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Florida doctor arrested for fatal hit-and-run motorcycle accident

A Florida chiropractor who reportedly chose his profession after being injured in a car accident has been arrested in relation to a fatal hit-and-run motor vehicle accident. The Florida Highway Patrol says that the man whose professional practice caters to serious accident victims fled the scene after striking a motorcycle with his sport utility vehicle in February.

A 50-year-old woman was riding the bike involved in the motorcycle accident in Volusia County. Officials say that the woman was thrown from her motorcycle after the initial impact. The woman’s body was thrown into oncoming traffic. Two separate motorists say that there was nothing that they could do to avoid hitting the woman’s body. The two drivers reportedly drove over the motorcycle accident victim after she was launched into their paths.

The two motorists who ran over the motorcycle accident victim stopped at the scene of the horrifying accident, according to the Palm Beach Post. The FHP says that the doctor who is accused of causing the accident continued traveling down State Road 415 after the wreck. FHP officials say the doctor pulled into a parking lot in Deltona after the crash, where authorities say the doctor called a friend for a ride.

The day after the horrifying motorcycle accident, the FHP says the doctor’s lawyer turned in the doctor’s SUV to authorities. Investigators looked at the chiropractor’s cellphone records, which reportedly place him in the area of the fatal accident. FHP officers discovered a receipt from a New Smyrna Beach bar and grill that was paid about an hour and a half before the fatal motorcycle accident.

Officers arrested the doctor last week at his home in Heathrow last week. Police accuse the doctor of reckless driving and leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

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