Florida State Laws on Car Accidents for Pembroke Pines Community

Ensuring that you receive fair and just compensation after a car accident resulting in injuries to you, and/or your loved ones often requires the expertise of a Florida personal injury lawyer with years of experience and knowledge regarding Florida laws that govern what is required in insurance coverage, and what is allowable for litigation.

Insurance companies are aware that our attorneys are determined and tenacious in pursuing fair and just compensation for our clients which often results with our being able to settle a car accident case without going through the court system.

Laws in Florida for Personal Injury Resulting from Car Accidents

It is important to remember that Florida has a four-year statute of limitation for filing a law suit involving a car accident.

Florida is a no-fault insurance state requiring every driver to carry insurance to cover their own physical injuries regardless of who is at fault, and vehicle insurance coverage to cover damages to the other vehicle if you are at fault.

A car accident involving an uninsured motorist can be extremely frustrating and complicated.  Our lawyers at Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert law firm will be able to guide you through this legal quagmire and protect your best interest.

Seeking the advice of your attorney before you agree to any type of insurance settlement, and before you sign any release forms provided by the insurance company often saves you thousands of dollars.  Just as an insurance adjuster is paid to pursue the best financial resolution for the insurance company he or she represents, our personal injury lawyers in Pembroke Pines are working for your best financial resolution.  Our focus is on you, our client, so that your focus can be on healing and moving forward with your life.