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Miami Motorcycle Accidents

Slightly less than 60% of motorcycle-accident fatalities occur during evening hours. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 25% of motorcycle fatalities involve the motorcycle striking a stationary object. 50% of those are related to handling a curve just prior to motorcycle accidents.

As if driving a motorcycle was not dangerous enough – there are some studies that suggest motorcycle-driver intoxication is often implicated in motorcycle accidents (43% of motorcycle drivers blew over 0.08 BAC).

Summer means more motorcycles on the road, so we all (car drivers and motorcycle drivers) need to drive more carefully and defensively. Avoiding driving a motorcycle in inclement weather. Less experienced riders should avoid highways and major thoroughfares (and take a florida motorcycle-safety course; before even jumping on a bike, read Proficient Motorcycling: the Ultimate Guide to Riding Well, by: David Hough – you can buy a used copy for less than $5.00 on Amazon). For all you motorcyclists out there – wear a helmet with a face shield. Not surprisingly, studies show that those who wore motorcycle helmets were found to reduce the risk of head injury by almost 70%, and reduce the risk of death by about 40% (some studies show slightly more, others slightly less than 40%).

Motorcycle drivers need to know that, due to their agility and speed (they can be in a rear view mirror in one moment, and dissapear the next), motorcycles are subject to an enlarged blind spot – so riders need to always be ready for sudden automobile swerves, braking and even cars stirring up roadway debris just up ahead.

Miami Motorcycle Accidents Consider extra safety equipment such as a motorcycle airbag (they’re built into a sophisticated jacket or vest). This particular motorcycle airbag is the Spidi Neck DPS – it inflates in 0.2 seconds after a tether cord is pulled. It works with your helmet to avoid hyper-neck flexion movements and increases ground roll.

Car drivers – keep an even greater following distance when following a motorcycle; as almost every single motorcycle accident will result in a serious injury. There is truth to the saying: “there are no fender benders when a motorcycle is involved.”

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