Obvious Personal-Injury Negligence in Shucker’s Deck Collapse

Game 4 of the Miami Heat game was cause for celebration – but not for everyone. Those 100 fans watching the game from the Shuckers Bar & Grill back patio, located at 1819 79th Street Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141 were shocked when the patio (approximately 8 feet above the water) collapsed as the heat fans cheered a LeBron dunk.

Bar tenders and other good samaritans dove in to save patrons until rescue divers could arrive (assisted by helicopters to provide lighting). According to the Miami Herald, approximately 24 people were transported to the emergency room by Fire Rescue.

Shuckers is a north bay / Miami institution, but this is a classic case of res-ipsa loquitur – a latin term that means the thing speaks for itself. In other words, Shuckers is clearly and obviously negligent. Decks do not collapse unless there are too many people on the deck (which is Shuckers’ fault) or the deck was poorly maintained, or had not been recently inspected (again, imposing a presumption of negligence on the management of Shuckers).

The injured victims of Shuckers had a clear and obvious expectation that they could dine and watch the Heat game on a safe deck. Shuckers will, and should, be held responsible.

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By: Jason Neufeld