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Miami Dog Bite/Attack Attorney

Miami Dog Bite/Attack Attorney

While dog may be man’s best friend – certainly one man’s friend can easily be another’s enemy.

Even a domesticated animal is an animal that can act aggressively toward owners or innocent bystanders. These attacks can often lead to a lifetime of emotional and physical scars. Contact a Miami dog bite attorney to learn more about your options for monetary compensation.

As a dog bite victim you may be able to recover for: medical bills (past and future), permanent scarring or disfigurement from the dog bite, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, loss of consortium, post-traumatic stress disorder, and any other related pain and suffering.

The Florida personal injury lawyers at Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA, have provided legal advice and representation to injured individuals in a wide range of dog attack lawsuits. In most situations, the law is clear in that a dog owner must accept responsibility for the actions of his or her pet. Through a free consultation, the animal bite attorneys at NKP will gain a clear understanding of the situation that led to your attack and provide a realistic case evaluation.

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Premises Liability Law Firm – Animal Bite Attorneys

While it is often true that the size of the dog ultimately influences the severity of the injury, even a small bite can lead to infection, nerve damage, and scars. Many individuals are forced to deal with a lifetime of scarring and disfigurement. Our experienced animal bite attorneys will attempt to recover monetary compensation for your medical bills and your pain and suffering. Let us remove the burden of the legal process from your shoulders as you work on getting healthy.

While there are several defenses available to those sued in dog attack lawsuits. Generally, if a dog-bite victim can prove several things in his/her dog attack lawsuit, the dog owner will be held strictly liable for any damages caused by an aggressive dog under Florida Statutes 767.01 and 767.04. The statute provides that the plaintiff most prove that (a) the defendant owns or harbors (or otherwise controls) the offending dog; (b) that the dog-bite victim was in a public place – or lawfully on private property; and (c) that the dog caused the injuries claimed.

The dog does not necessarily need to bite its victim for the dog owner to be liable. For example, animal bite attorneys have prevailed in cases where a dog runs into the street, causing a driver to swerve and hit a pole (holding the dog owner responsible for the driver’s injuries). In another case, a plaintiff was frightened by a growling dog, and injured his back while jumping on top of a car in an attempt to get away from the dog. Here too, the dog owner was held strictly liable.

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If you have questions regarding dog bite injuries, we encourage you to contact the miami dog bite attorneys at Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA. All cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis — if there is no recovery, you do not pay. Evening and weekend appointments are available for the convenience of our clients. Services offered in English, Spanish and Creole.