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injured in fall at Marlins Park

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What should have been a joyful family experience at the ballpark turned into a nightmare over the Memorial Day weekend. A father stood with his cellphone camera poised, videotaping his 11-year-old daughter scale a climbing wall set up just for kids at Marlins Park in Miami.

The girl had reached the top, and began to make her way back down, when something went terribly wrong. The safety harness that was intended to protect the girl while she enjoyed the wall reportedly failed. The girl plummeted from the face of the wall-crashing to the ground below.

Exactly what went wrong with the safety equipment remains sketchy in the public media. Certainly, Miami premises liability attorneys know that safety issues in public areas are important in any case. Generally, parents should be able to expect that safety equipment will perform the task it is designed to perform.

After the recent accident at Marlins Park, the girl’s father is now urging parents to check the safety equipment that kids may use. He went to the ballpark on a holiday to enjoy our national pastime and, instead, watched in horror as his child fell from the wall. She had fallen backward when, for apparently yet unknown reasons, her safety harness came loose. The 11-year-old fell to the concrete below-hitting her head on the cold hard concrete.

The girl’s father rushed to her side. He frantically checked for a pulse–some sign that his daughter would be okay. Then he heard sounds that, under the circumstances, gave him some form of comfort. He told NBC News that, About that time, that’s when she first started gurgling and moaning, making these beautiful noises.

The girl says she remembers the cable snapping. After that she said from her hospital bed, All I remember was seeing everything kind of fall as I was, and then I blacked out. Medical personnel checked the girl out after her arrival at Holtz Children’s Hospital in Miami. Doctors say the girl suffered a concussion, but she had escaped the accident without breaking any bones. She suffered serious bruising from the accident.

Concussions have gained a heightened awareness in the public’s eye recently. Issues among former professional athletes and soldiers returning from overseas after suffering head trauma have placed head injuries on the public agenda. This blog discussed the issue of concussions and brain injury in the aftermath of Junior Seau’s tragic suicide earlier this month.

The Marlins issued a statement wishing the girl well in her continued recovery. The Marlins closed the climbing wall after the accident, which remains under investigation. The vendor operating the wall reportedly has not made any public comment.

By: Jason Neufeld