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Know some tips with our from bicycle accident attorney for a safe bicycle ride so you and your loved ones don’t wind up in an accident.
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5 Tips
for a Safe Bicycle Ride in Hollywood

Bicycle Ride in Hollywood
By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Bicycle accident lawyer, Hollywood

When you want to enjoy a nice bicycle ride through Hollywood, Florida you likely aren’t thinking that you could wind up in the hospital. Even though this sounds a little over the top you need to be thinking about the possibility of this happening. There’s nothing out of the realm of possibility, which is why you must always have safety on the mind when riding a bike. Our bicycle accident attorney offers the following five tips for a safe bicycle ride so you and your loved ones don’t wind up in an accident.

  1. Always Wear a Helmet
  2. First and foremost, you should always wear a helmet. Many people don’t like to wear a helmet because they think it doesn’t look good. Well, when you wear a helmet it could very well save your life. Think about it, if you are hit by a car and your head slams onto the ground, the helmet will be your saving grace. The helmet might split in half, which has happened in bicycle accidents before, but it will save your life. Better to replace a helmet than for your family to wind up attending your funeral.

  3. Wear Appropriate Reflective Gear
  4. Riding a bike does not have to be dangerous for you at any point throughout the day or night. This means you should always wear some sort of reflective gear both on your body and on the bike. The bike should have reflectors in the front and the rear. If riding at night, try to use a flashing light on both ends of the bike. For personal apparel, consider wearing a reflective vest, bright colored clothing, or a helmet with a light on it.

  5. Ride with Traffic
  6. When it comes time to actually ride your bike you need to ride with traffic. Riding against traffic is a big no-no for bicycle riders. When you ride against traffic you make it difficult to handle turns and vehicles will have trouble turning as well. Riding with traffic ensures you will see pedestrians, stop at traffic lights, make the proper turns and adhere to all other traffic laws. Don’t forget that bicycles have to follow the same rules of the road that vehicles must follow.

  7. Avoid Riding at Night
  8. Do your best to avoid riding at night. If you don’t have to ride at night you should refrain from doing so. Nighttime riding can be incredibly dangerous, even if you are wearing the proper reflective gear, have reflectors on your bicycle, are riding with traffic and have a helmet on your head. It’s more difficult to see someone on a bicycle at night because of the overall darkness.

  9. Ride with a Friend
  10. Not every bike ride will occur with a group of people. It’s understandable that you might want to or have to ride alone. It’s a good idea to ride with a friend as often as possible. When you are riding with someone else they will be able to call 911 should you get injured in an accident or suffer a medical emergency.

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