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If you’ve suffered a serious injury it’s important to not only find what type of recovery therapy you need, but also to find an attorney that’s willing to fight for you!
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After A
Serious Injury

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Being injured in an automobile accident or a serious accidental injury is devastating to our clients both financially and physically. Most people don’t know the difference between what chiropractors, physical therapist and orthopedic physicians do. They often are seeking information on what direction to take when it comes to the medical profession.

Serious injuries and diseases should first be treated under the care of a competent medical professional such as an orthopedic physician. They will recommend you to a physical therapists following surgery or diagnosis. No matter which professional chosen, it is important for those seeking help to know what qualifications and expertise each one possess.

Although we aren’t medical experts, we have provided helpful information here that might be of importance to you. It will help you discover more about the professionals that provide medical care to the community. This will provide you with the best options on how to proceed with treatment to recover from your injuries.

What A Chiropractor Can Do For You

Chiropractors are limited in what they can really treat when it comes to pain and injury to patients. Many false claims are circulating about the marvels of chiropractic care. Don’t fall victim to them as you have enough to worry about with your injuries. The best advice is to seek orthopedic care if the injury is a serious one. Only the doctor should recommend patients to a chiropractor for after care treatment of injuries.

Visiting a chiropractor first might be an unwise decision because the injury might be serious enough to require surgery to repair it. This is another reason for making a wise choice when considering medical help for pain associated from an injury or accident.

Going under the care of a chiropractor means you will have no surgical procedures or receive prescription drugs. They do have similar success rates in alleviating problems just as much as physical therapist and orthopedic physicians do when it comes to back or neck pain problems.

The chance of suffering further injury prevails with neck manipulation. This is where the chiropractor will use a sudden twist of the head to unlock the vertebrae in the neck area to relieve pain. Some cases are known where patients had this procedure performed only to suffer spinal injuries. Chiropractics can’t perform or diagnose test that orthopedic doctors are cable of. This further limits their abilities to be relied on in cases where patients have severe pain from injuries.

Chiropractic massage therapy works to alleviate pain from injuries in the short and medium terms. Only through continued therapy are the symptoms reduced. Massage therapy is no more beneficial than other therapies used by a physical therapist.

What A Physical
Therapist Can Do For You

Your doctor as a postoperative alternative usually recommends a physical therapist. This is important following any surgery to a knee or back that was damaged from an accident. Physical therapy will be needed to restore mobility function to the patient. The therapist will monitor as well as evaluate the patient’s progress through the therapy and report their conclusions back to the physician.

A physical therapist usually works in a hospital, nursing home facility or other medical setting where the treatment is provided. Some will visit the patient at home to provide therapy assistance. Most therapists are on call just as other medical professionals. They might choose to work independently in their own office settings or work in combination with a hospital.

A therapist will meet with the patient to establish a program to help them regain full use of their mobility from an injury. The injury can be related to accidents from automobile crashes, sports related injuries, spinal injuries, simple falls, back and neck pain. The therapist might proceed to examine the patient with a series of diagnostic stretches and movements to find out what is going on with the patient. A review of the patient’s medical history through records will be another area checked by the therapist before a treatment program begins.

Treatment programs generally start slowly with only limited exercises and stretching. The program is designed to improve the patient’s motor skills and range of motion in the previously injured area. Specially designed weight training equipment and stretching devices are used as the patient begins to respond to the treatment.

Therapists will physically show the patient how to do the exercises as well as recommend them do after-treatment exercises to improve their range of mobility. Massage, heat and water therapy treatment may be included in the program depending on the patient’s type of injury.

The patient’s treatment program will include exercise that focuses on endurance, flexibility and strength building of the injured area. Therapists encourage their patients to use their muscles to improve range of motion and flexibility. They might have to use crutches, wheelchairs or other means to help with mobility and dexterity in the beginning stages of therapy. Therapists might use cold compresses or hot packs to reduce swelling in the injured area to help alleviate any pain that the patient could be feeling.

The primary goal of the treatment therapy is to get the patient back to where they were before the time of the accident. Treatment programs can last from 6 weeks up to 2 months depending on the patient’s injury and progress through therapy. Treatments usually last about an hour per session. Success rates are extremely high for patients receiving therapy to fully recover from their injuries or surgery.

What An Orthopedic
Physician Can Do For You

An orthopedic doctor undergoes serious long-term training to learn their practice of medicine in the medical field. Four years of undergraduate education combined with four years of medical school is only the beginning. Many will complete 5 years of residency training and a year or two of fellowship training in a specialized area of practice. Some of those areas could be surgical injury sports medicine, total joint reconstruction, shoulder, hand or elbow surgery, orthopedic trauma and orthopedic oncology.

Once the orthopedic physician has completed schooling, they are eligible for certification by the American Osteopathic Association Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists. It involves both written and oral exams based on what the doctor has done in past performance during a 6-month period.

Some of the top routine surgical procedures done by these physicians include knee replacements, low back disc surgery, ankle repair, rotator cuff tendon repair, neck fracture repair, shoulder arthroscopic, knee arthroscopic and a host of other surgical repairs in the operating room. They treat medical diseases from birth that result in deformities of the spine, legs and other parts of the body. One such disease is scoliosis that is a disease causing curvature of the spine.

Patients involved in serious car accidents with injuries to their neck, spine and legs will definitely need an orthopedic physician to diagnose as well as treat those injuries. This is an area that is critical in receiving the best care, treatment and professional diagnosis that a chiropractor or therapist is limited in knowledge dealing with.

Orthopedic physicians may focus their practice on just a few areas while others focus solely on one type of specialty such as the spine or ankle injuries. This includes performing surgical procedures to repair damages resulting from injury or disease.

After surgical procedures, follow-up diagnosis most likely will include the physician recommending the patient to the care of a physical therapist for treatment. The therapists will work together with the orthopedic physician in the rehabilitation of the patient to get their life back to normal.

Which One Should I
Choose For My
Pain And Injury?

It can be a difficult decision in what doctor to choose when it comes to injury, disease and accidents to the body resulting in pain and difficulty moving. Identifying the pain and what is causing it is the first step in making that difficult choice. The correct diagnosis is essential in finding out what treatment options are available to correct the problem.

Finding a family doctor to initially give an examination, advice and recommendation to a specialist is advised. Playing around with one’s health can have serious consequences. Medical physicians and chiropractors have licenses to diagnose patients for treatment. They can make recommendations to patients on orthopedic physicians and other chiropractors for treatment options.

Chiropractors don’t have the highest commendable praise among the medical community or patients either for that matter. They do go through 8 years of training to provide their service to patients. They are trained in radiology and diagnostic imaging to provide their patients with information they see on x-ray, MRI and ct scans.

Physicians are trained to deal with internal pain and disease. Chiropractors are a good choice for muscle, ligament and general back problems. Either choice can diagnose disease coming from external and internal sources causing pain in patients.

Muscular skeletal pain responds well to therapy that chiropractors provide. Medical physicians can take a more through look at internal problems that might be the cause of the pain. Most people that are experiencing severe pain symptoms will seek out the services of a reputable family physician for their expert advice on what to do.

Chiropractic medical care procedures should never be performed on people with physical limitations that could cause serious ligament damage, paralysis and severe neck trauma. This is why it is important for people to know the consequences of using the services of a chiropractor.

Physical therapists can provide patients with the follow-up care that they need through rehabilitation treatment. Nothing but high praise has been noted for these professionals performing rehab procedures through massage therapy, strength training and range of mobility exercises.

Physical therapists can work in a variety of areas. They include neurological, orthopedic, pediatric and sports. Neurological therapists can work with a variety of patients including those with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke, chronic back pain and spinal cord injury.

Orthopedic therapists are trained to deal in the postoperative treatment of fractures, sprains, strains, spinal conditions, back and neck pain. These are usually the therapists that many orthopedic physicians will recommend their patients to for rehabilitation treatment options.

Pediatric therapists deal with the diagnosis and treatment of children suffering from a variety of diseases or deformities resulting from birth. This includes newborns, preschool children and young children below the age of eighteen years old.

Sport therapists deal with injuries and the care of all major sports athletes. These can include professional, college and high-school levels of sports. They deal with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the athlete throughout the process to get them well and back out on the field playing whatever sport they excelled in before the injury occurred.

They won’t perform the surgery on the athlete because the orthopedic physician performs that. If corrective surgery is required for the athlete, the sport therapist will be required to recondition the athlete back to the level they were in before the accidental injury occurred.

High pain level in patients should quickly be seen about as soon as possible to receive the proper medical help to relieve it. Those in extreme pain shouldn’t wait when searching for a doctor to get help for their injury.

The information provided here is not a recommendation from us on who to seek treatment from. It is only for people to gain some extensive knowledge on what treatment options could be available and by whom they can be received from in the medical community.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury it’s important to not only find what type of recovery therapy you need, but also to find an attorney that’s willing to fight for you! Contact our attorneys today to get started on your case.