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Miami Beach
Dog Attack Attorney

Dog is man’s best friend, or so the saying goes anyway. When it comes to companionship, there is not pet quite like a dog. After all, who else will accompany you on beach walks, sit by your fit at home, and even help make you feel safe when you are alone? Unfortunately, humans’ relationship with their four-legged friends is not always quite so positive, and the fact remains that dogs are animals, capable of inflicting catastrophic injuries. As many dog attack victims know, the beloved family pet can also be a wild animal, with strength and teeth making it capable of severely injuring both adults and children. If you have been hurt by a dog, a North Miami Beach dog attack attorney from Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA could be your key to recovering the compensation you deserve.

Matter What Breed,
Dog Owners Are Responsible
For Dog Attack Injuries

While you may think that your dog would never harm anyone and, in most cases, that is true, it is not the most feared dog breeds that actually cause the worst dog bite injuries. Many people believe that pit bulls, Rottweilers and similar breeds are the most vicious and aggressive dogs, but did you know that the breed which has the worst record for unprovoked attacks is the family favorite Labrador retriever?

When you suffer injuries after a dog attack, the dog’s owner is responsible and can be held accountable. Failing to keep your dog securely at home, or on a leash while walking in public, is legally considering to be negligence and, as such, a North Miami Beach dog attack attorney could recover damages if you have been injured by an unleashed, or poorly controlled dog. If you are a dog owner, you may wish to double-check the security of your home arrangements, bearing in mind that you would be liable if your dog escaped and injured a person. If your dog can escape, your arrangements are not secure enough, and an experienced dog attack attorney will use that against you, should a claim arise.

Dog Attacks
In North Miami
Beach – The Facts

We are all aware that dogs do attack from time to time, but do you know the actual statistics about dog bite attacks in Florida?

  • 61% of all fatal dog attacks in 2016 involved several dogs attacking one person
  • Children under 14 are the most at-risk group when it comes to dog attacks
  • Boys are generally involved in more dog attacks than girls
  • One-third of all North Miami Beach dog attacks involve dogs who are not on a leash while outside the home
  • The majority of dog attacks on children involve familiar dogs
  • 2 people per year, on average, die from dog bits in Florida

An experienced North Miami Beach dog attack attorney has the legal knowledge and expertise needed to successfully handle your case when you, or your child, has been bitten by a dog and sustained injuries.

To discuss the details of your North Miami Beach dog attack with an expert attorney, call us today on 305.931.6666 to schedule your free initial consultation.