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With so many years of experience, you can understand why Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA has numerous awards and certifications and are considered Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida. If you or someone you know needs a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. No other law firm has such a high standard for excellence. When you are represented by Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA, you know you’re in good hands.

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Look no further, if you’re looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer. Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA have attorneys with decades of experience between them.You won’t find a more professional law firm with the track record they boast anywhere in Florida.  Rest assured you’ve made the right choice when you’re represented by them. Don’t waste time with anyone else, go with a law firm with a proven track record for excellence.

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Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA is the top personal injury lawyers in Florida, bar none.The years of experience between them surpasses any other personal injury lawyers. If you find yourself in a situation and you need legal assistance with your car accident, feel free to give them a call. They will represent as no other car accident lawyer can.

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Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA has a track record of the top Florida verdicts in personal injury cases.They are the best personal injury lawyers in Florida. There are very few attorneys who are on their level. Don’t leave your case to amateurs, get the law firm with the top Florida verdicts in personal injury to represent you. You owe it to yourself.

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For top personal injury lawyer in Florida, look no further. Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA has the top attorneys to represent your case.Just pick up the phone and give them a call. Their years of experience put them on the map as the best in the business. If you need an attorney, give Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA a call today.

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Our personal injury lawyers have been recognized in the South Florida Legal Guide, Super Lawyers Magazine, Florida Trends Legal Elite, Daily Business Review’s Most Effective Lawyers, Highest Verdict Reporters, and others as among the best personal injury law firms for our work on high-profile car accident injury cases, defective designs and recognized by their peers as experienced, professional and effective. We consider ourselves a boutique personal injury law firm within the Florida community.

Big enough to mobilize and apply significant resources toward proving our client’s cases, yet small enough to effectively communicate with our clients. As a client, you speak to your lawyer, not a case manager or paralegal.If you have questions regarding your car-accident, slip, and fall, trip, and fall, or other personal-injury – contact us now.  305-931-6666

We Have Offices In Aventura, Brickell, Plantation & Lakeland I would recommend. It was a great deal to have them on my case, I was well informed at all times of the process and they responded to all my questions in a fast and honest way. I have a busy schedule that includes a special needs child and Jason was always sensible through all my situation. Thanks so much for all you did.I would certainly recommend. I endorse this lawyer without hesitation. I have known Robert for as long as I can remember. He is a passionate, skilled, and zealous advocate for his clients.Great Personal Injury Attorney. When I was looking for an attorney who would represent my husband in a medical malpractice case, David Kleinberg was the only attorney who wasn’t looking for a quick and easy case to settle out of court.

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Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA handles a variety of personal-injury cases. We understand that you are concerned about getting healthy, getting back to work, paying your bills and of course, being fully compensated for your loss. Contact us to start the path to wholeness from your injury today.

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Helping those Injured in Accidents Across Florida

While we are proud to call Miami and Aventura home, we are also more than happy to help injured people living anywhere in the Sunshine State. In fact, we’ve even been known to travel all around the country just to meet our clients’ needs.

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