Common Causes of Elevator Accidents personal injury attorneys
Have you been injured in an Elevator Accident

Elevator Accidents do Happen in Florida.

Nothing worst than being trapped in an elevator. Although elevators are relatively save, sometimes they fail to open or perhaps the doors close very quickly. It feels even worse when the elevator fails to arrive at the desired destination and your are stuck in between floors. Whatever your situation is, make sure you contact a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in an elevator accident.

Problems with leveling

This is one of the most common causes of elevators accidents. Misleveling is usually a problems of elevators built from 1930 to 1960. In order to file a successful claim, your lawyer must prove there were similar accidents in this elevator before. Also, there may be violations related to brake problems and leveling citations.

Broken elevator doors

Dysfunctional elevator doors are another common cause of elevator accidents. Passengers  get injured often by a door closing too suddenly. These accidents generally happen on elevators with hallway doors. Sometimes problems with speed of the elevator can injure passengers. Even elevators with swinging doors can cause problems and crushing injuries to passengers when the elevator  doors close too quickly.


Apparently speeding can also cause elevator accidents. This is especially dangerous for elevators on tall buildings as there may be more speed impact causing injuries  on knees and legs. Over-speed should be detected by the elevator mechanisms but if they are defective chances are the elevator will fail to stop.

When falling on elevators shafts ways

Passengers involved in these types of accidents sustain the most severe injuries. Falls are generally caused by defective door interlocks, elevators stopping before they should, and untrained personnel that help remove passengers from a broken elevator. Whether it was caused by mechanism malfunction or other parties’ actions, make sure you contact a personal injury attorney about the matter.

Other causes

There are other causes of elevator accidents:

  • Electrocution - This is is caused by improper wiring.
  • Drowning during a fire - When the elevator becomes stuck below the street level.
  • General failures - Such as moving with doors open can cause serious injuries including decapitations and amputations if the victims try to exit the elevator when moving.

What to do if you get stuck

Elevator accidents are not a pretty scenario to become part of but like all accidents, they just happen. It’s good to stay calm as agitation may only make things worst.

  • Deep breathing - It’s natural to panic but you should not allow panic have its way. Take a deep breath. It’ll be over soon. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Sometimes you have to make your own reality.
  • Don’t forget the call button - It’s there for a reason and you should use it. If it doesn’t work, then bang on the door that way people walking by will hear you.
  • Make a few phone calls and send a few texts or just sit back - If you are lucky to have your cellphone with you, you can contact the police or anyone else you think may answer the phone quickly. If you don’t have your phone with you, just sit back and relax. People waiting on the elevator will eventually notice that the elevator is not working.