Hanging items from the rearview mirror can be dangerous

Are You Aware that an Obstructed View can Cause an Accident in Florida?

Many people enjoy hanging items from the rear-view mirror. It is a habit difficult to break, especially if these items bring back good memories. Something as simple as graduation tassels and car fresheners can reduce visibility and cause an accident. Some drivers have too many items and they put a strain on the mirror’s mount, which may cause it to break. Contact a personal injury attorney if you have been involved in a car accident.

The problem with visibility

One of the most common problems associated with hanging items from the rear-view mirror is that lack of visibility. The more items you hang, the less visibility you will have. Even small items can obstruct a portion of the view, which makes it easier to get involved in a car accident because you didn’t see the other driver or vehicle. If a car accident does happen and the officer determines one of the drivers could not see because of the things hanging from the mirror, it will be the driver’s fault for not preventing the situation that led to the accident. Also, sometimes it is illegal to hang items from the rear-view mirror, based on your location.

Additional strain on the rear-view mirror

Another reason why it is not a good idea to hang items from the rear-view mirror is that these items can add additional strain and cause the mirror to fall off. Remember the mirror is glued to the windshield and it can only support the weight designed to support. Adding additional weight can leave you without a mirror and complicate things further. It is important you keep your view unobstructed and safe from the weight of too many items.

Some legal issues

Besides obstructing the driver’s view of the roadway, hanging items from the rear-view mirror may be illegal so the police may pull you over. The law clearly states that no items that obstruct the driver’s view should be attached to the rear-view mirror as it may distract the driver. However, if the items are not too large, it may not be enough evidence to prove the item didn’t obstruct the driver’s view and something else may have caused the accident.

Why you may need an attorney?

You may need a Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney to prove that the view was not obstructed and you were not distracted when the accident happened. You may have to go to trial and convince the judge the officer lacked reasonable suspicion to stop you. This is a difficult thing to do if you don’t have an attorney on your side. You can be charged with a misdemeanor but your case can be dismissed as long as your attorney convinces the judge the items hanging from your mirror didn’t obstruct visibility.

Contact us today and schedule your initial case review with a vehicle accident attorney. These cases can be complex requiring the intervention of a personal injury attorney familiar with these laws.

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