CME Compulsory Medical Examination
Compulsory Medical Exams - When do you Need One?

What is a Cumpulsory Medical Examination?

This is a medical exam conducted by a doctor who is paid by an insurance company.

Formerly known as an Independent Medical Examination (IME), this medical examination was renamed Compulsory Medical Exam (CME), because the term independent is misleading as there is nothing independent about it. CMEs arise in two auto-injury contexts:

Before Filing a Law Suit

Before the filing of a law suit, your own auto insurance company may require you to submit to a Compulsory Medical Examination, where you would be examined by a doctor that they pay. Your car-insurance company might require you to submit to a CME if they suspect that you (or your treating doctors) are exaggerating your injuries – or if they think they can get away with paying your treating doctors less money.

After the filing of a law suit, the defense has a right to compel you to see one of their doctors for each specialty that is currently treating you. For example, if you are seeing both an orthopedist and a neurologist, you may be expected to submit to both an orthopedic and a neurological CME (again, paid for by the defense to minimize the amount of money they will eventually have to pay).

Judge Meenu Sasser, a Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge, recently issued a trial order that I think very clearly explains and limits the concept of a compulsory medical examination. Among other things, the order says.