can you sue your neighbors homeowners insurance
Can you sue your neighbors homeowner's insurance?

If I've been injured at my neighbor's home, can I sue their Homeowner's Insurance?

A standard homeowner insurance policy offers many different kinds of coverage that protect the home itself, but it also protects homeowners and members of the household from personal injury lawsuits for certain acts of negligence that occur on the premises. Most homeowner policies provide a minimum of $100,000 of liability protection, but some people will choose to increase that amount, especially if there is a potentially hazardous construction on the property, such as a swimming pool or tennis court.

Negligence Required

Liability coverage under a homeowner insurance policy offers protection for both bodily injury and property damage. But this is usually only for claims involving accidents of negligence that a homeowner would normally be legally responsible for. Some of the most common negligence claims against homeowner insurance policies include occurrences such as dog bites (or other animal bites), slip and fall injures, or poorly maintained trees that fall over and damage a neighbor’s adjoining property. However, even these kinds of claims still require that actual negligence be proven.

For example, it might not be your neighbor’s fault that a tree fell; so unless the homeowner was negligent in refusing to cut down a dying tree, the claim would be denied. An attorney can explain whether or not negligence is likely to be proven in any individual case. Sometimes situations that may at first blush seem totally accidental actually prove to have certain unreasonable actions connected to them.

In the event of a stray-dog attack – we wont know who to sue if we cannot identify the dog’s owner.