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Florida Animal Attacks

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While dog attacks are the most common type of animal attack, many pet lovers are becoming owners of exotic pets.  Exotic pets are not as easily domesticated as dogs and cats, and sometimes cause great harm to their owners and unsuspecting guests.

Regardless of the type of pet we own, once we become a pet owner, we also become responsible for our pet’s behavior and subsequently, the results if they attack another individual. We may view our pet’s behavior as normal or harmless; however, if they inflict pain or fear upon someone visiting our home, or if the pet somehow gets loose and inflicts pain or fear, we are still responsible for damages.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that a staggering 800,000 people across the U.S. suffer some type of bite from a dog, or other animal each year. Some of these bites cause fatal injuries. We have all read newspaper accounts of small children being killed, or permanently maimed from dog bites, and others being killed when a large snake wrapped itself around the fragile little body of a child. Not all fatalities occur with small children; full-grown adults have also suffered fatal injuries from dog bites, or some type of exotic animal. Others have even had their faces chewed off by dogs and other animals.

Owners are
Responsible for
Their Pets

Owners are liable for damages inflicted by their pets, and an animal attack of any type should always be reported. Animals are unpredictable creatures, and just because they normally do not behave a certain way by no means makes them incapable of attacking again. You should never allow a pet owner to convince you not to file a police report if you have been attacked. You may save your life, and/or the life of someone else.

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