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Florida Back Sprain Injury Lawyer

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It is not uncommon for insurance companies to speculate that car accidents involving minor damage to the vehicle eliminates possibilities for serious physical injuries to the occupants.  However, to the contrary, many serious injuries have resulted from car accidents involving minor damage to a vehicle.  When one takes into consideration that a human body is considerably more fragile than a vehicle, it becomes less challenging to understand how serious injuries can occur even in a minor accident.

Due to a lack of evidence substantiated by statistical reporting, insurance companies have been unsuccessful in supporting their speculative claims.

Even with improvements being made in designing cars to increase their ability to withstand impact without extensive damage to the vehicle itself, the new designs do not eliminate the possibility that an occupant will sustain serious and debilitating injuries. In fact, injuries such as a back sprain, whiplash, or dislocated disks, and other serious injuries are often the result of low impact car accidents.

We have all read, or heard about car accidents occurring at unlawful high speeds where those involved walked away without a scratch, while other individuals were involved in serious, or fatal car accidents within, or well below the posted speed limits.

Back sprain injuries sustained in a car accident often cause an individual extensive pain, and may require long months of healing and physical therapy.

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