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If you or a loved one has received injuries due to a trip and fall accident, you should contact Neufeld Law Firm at 305-931-6666 for a free consultation.
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Avoiding a
Trip and Fall Accident In North Miami Beach

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Many serious injuries, and sometimes fatalities, occur as a result of tripping and falling.
These tips will help ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe:

  • Take advantage of hand rails, especially when going up or down steps or stairways, and hold firmly in case your feet start to slide.
  • Test the step in front of you to determine how slick it is if it is wet before placing both feet on it.
  • When walking on a flat be aware of any obstacles such as gravel, rocks, small tree limbs, etc.
  • When walking through a grocery store stay alert for fallen produce or spilled liquids that create hazardous conditions for falling.
  • Try to walk with your hands and arms free to avoid throwing yourself off-balance.
  • Be observant of any electrical cords, etc. lying across a floor.
  • Many trip and fall accidents occur when stepping up onto a curb.  Pay careful attention to place your foot onto the top side of the curb instead of the slanted area leading up to the top.
  • The elderly are more likely to trip and fall when rugs are not lying flat against the floor.  Secure all rugs to the floor with adhesive or some type of Velcro made especially for this purpose.

Many serious injuries are the result of a trip and fall accident that could be avoided if proper care is taken in advance.

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If you or a loved one has received injuries due to a trip and fall accident, you should contact Neufeld, Kleinberg & PinkiertNorth Miami Beach’s law firm.