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Avoiding a
Flat Tire Accident

Avoiding a
Flat Tire Accident

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer

The holidays can take its toll on your car’s tires. Tire blowouts are very common during this time of the year, especially near construction sites and sites with too much holiday decor. This is the number one cause of many accidents in South Florida. These blowouts are often caused by too little pressure in the tire. This is why it is important you check your tires on a regular basis and also look for any signs of tire wear. Tire care and maintenance are crucial to get the best performance out of a car. It can also help you avoid losing control of your vehicle and avoid the risk of being in a crash. If you were involved in an accident caused by a bad tire, a car accident attorney can assess your situation and help you get full compensation.

Top causes of tire blowout

  • Defective tires, which generally have warranty.
  • Tiries without the right air pressure level.
  • Defects that cause quick air loss.
  • Puncture from nail or screw.
  • Overloading the vehicle too much.

A flat tire can happen even to the most experienced drivers. However, as long as you prevent any situation that reduces the tire’s air pressure, you should be fine. A tire blowout can be very dangerous since your vehicle loses control and you may get involved in a dangerous vehicle accident.

Be prepared

It is important you check your tires regularly and check the manual to ensure your tires have the appropriate air pressure. If you get involved in an accident, keep your hands on the wheel and avoid distractions. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and avoid dangerous objects or debris on the road. If you have a flat tire, continue driving at regular speed and then slow down progressively so that you have fewer chances of drifting another direction.

Does car insurance cover tire damage?

There is generally comprehensive coverage available, which helps you pay for stolen or slashed tires. You can add comprehensive to your current plan and also choose a monthly premium and deductible. Without comprehensive coverage, you may have to pay out of pocket. There are times, however, that your tires may suffer damage due to road conditions on streets kept by the government. Ask your attorney if this protection applies to your specific circumstances.

What about wear and tear?

Repairs associated with wear and aren’t generally covered by your car insurance. But there are always emergency road services available. You can always call your insurance company and find out about the coverage included in your insurance policy.

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Our experienced team of Miami car crash attorneys have handled many cases involving injured victims in accidents caused by a flat tire. There are ways to avoid these accidents and ensure your safety. Call us today and fight for the compensation you deserve. We don’t charge unless we win!