Bed Bugs Ran me out of my Apartment
A Miami bed bug attorney Samuel Neufeld will need to prove that the tenant had to vacate the premises due to the issue.Contact today for free consultation.
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Bed Bugs
Ran me out of my Apartment

Bed Bugs
Ran me out of my Apartment

By: Jasonneufeld
Posted in: Miami bed bug attorney

A nightmare for tenants is having an infestation of bed bugs. This is also a problem for landlords because it is their responsibility to provide habitable housing. If the tenant has not introduced the bed bugs into the home, the landlord becomes responsible for paying all extermination and relocation costs. A Miami bed bug attorney may have to get involved if the landlord refuses to pay for extermination costs. This can also constitute you breaking your lease early or withholding rent. If the tenant is found responsible for the problem however, your renter’s insurance can cover the cost. If you do not have renter’s insurance and the bed bug infestation is indeed your fault then the financial burden will fall on to you.

Is my landlord responsible?

If you run into a dreaded case of bed bugs in your apartment, the first thing you need to do is contact your landlord for an exterminator. The pest control professional will need to determine the extent of the problem and if it has transferred to surrounding units. Your landlord is required to give you ample notice of when the exterminator will be arriving for an inspection. The pest management personnel will inspect the area and map out where and when the problem began. This will give the landlord and yourself an idea of when the unit was infested and determine apportion financial responsibility.

Getting rid of Bed Bugs

After the exterminator has conducted an investigation on the bed bug predicament there will be some steps you will need to take to eliminate those bugs from your home and life. Common steps the exterminator will recommend include removing clutter, vacuuming vigorously and removing items from closets, shelves and drawers. You will also need to wash all of your bedding and clothing then seal it in plastic bags. Unfortunately, you will need to destroy any items that were severely affected by the infestation and cannot be salvaged. The most part of the ordeal will be having to temporarily move out of your home while the exterminator treats and manages the problem. This can take a day or weeks.

How Does Constructive Eviction Work?

A constructive eviction is when the landlord has interfered with the tenant’s right to enjoy the use of the property through their actions or inactions. If the need for a constructive eviction can be proven in court, the renter is entitled to seek damages and terminate the lease. An Aventura bed bug attorney will need to prove three key elements: violation, notice and having to vacate. Violation references the landlord’s breach of duty such as failing to fix an issue. Notice means that the tenant informed the landlord of a problem and gave them ample time to correct the issue. Lastly, a Miami bed bug attorney will need to prove that the tenant had to vacate the premises due to the issue. Landlords and tenants can both protect themselves by documenting any incidents and issues.