Why Bike Commuting May Be a Great mode of Transportation
Bicycles, just like any other mode of transportation, can be involved in accidents. Contact a personal injury attorney if you're ihurt after an accident.
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Why bike
commuting may be a great mode of transportation?

Why bike
commuting may be a great mode of transportation?

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: bicycle accident lawyer

It’s very common these days seeing two-wheelers on the road, specially if you live in crowded South Florida. People simply like to bike here because it offers them many advantages. Riding or walking to work can make your life easier. It’s more affordable, eco-friendly, and it can help you lose weight. But bicycles can also get involved in accidents. Contact an personal injury attorney if you need help after a bicycle accident.


Cycling is more accessible, depending on the area you live. Cars, on the other hand, require more investment on maintenance, toll roads, tunnels, etc. Bikes don’t cost as much to maintain. Also, its fuel supply will never run out. Although bicycles require service, a lot it is easy to perform so you may not need a mechanic after all. For people who can’t afford a car, a bicycle will definitely provide cost-effective mobility.


Cycling is an amazing eco-friendly way to exercise, or simple enjoy the great outdoors. Many studies show that bicycle commuters are healthier and more productive. It’s a great way to shed off calories and exercise. Both children and adults can enjoy this mode of transportation virtually anywhere. With more people becoming conscious about their health, chances are cycling will be increasing in the coming years. Cycling can also improve your heart’s health. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise. You can burn up to 11 pounds of fat every day with only 30 min of cycling. You are also exposed to more sunlight, which helps produce more vitamin D.


Cycling can also help with mental health as it liberates endorphins, which helps with stress and improves moods. There is just a lot of pleasure and satisfaction you get out of your riding experience. It’s also a great way to bond with nature and engage in an eco-friendly physical activity.

Faster and efficient

This is particularly true in urban areas, especially when bike lanes are more available. It can be quite satisfying and stress-free passing congested roads. There are also ways to make your bike go much faster by upgrading a few parts. Private cars are not convenient to get around in larger cities. Congestion is a real issue, particularly during peak hours.

Takes up less space

It is quite difficult to find an available parking spot in many large cities in South Florida. Walking and cycling are more space efficient than any other mode of transportation. Many infrastructures in large cities have been modified to allow safe and convenient cycling. If you are cyclists, you may wanna make important choices about where to live and work based on how convenient your cycling might be.

When involved in a bicycle accident

Bicycles, just like any other mode of transportation, can be involved in accidents. There is an increasing trend of bike-related accidents occurring in south Florida. As you pedal around the city, look around and exercise caution. If you get involved in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney.