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Blind Zone
Kids and Car Safety in North Miami Beach

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A critical area to consider when you are backing out of your driveway is the blind zone.  Always be cognizant that every car has a blind zone, and larger vehicles such as pickups, minivans, and SUVs have larger blind zones than the smaller vehicles. This is one way to prevent a child from being tragically killed.  The back side of your vehicle is not the only area to be concerned about when it comes to blind zones, kids and car safety.  There are areas in front of your car that also have blind zones.  For instance, if a child suddenly darts in front of your vehicle, and is in close proximity to the front area, depending upon the height of the child, you may not be aware of their presence until it’s too late.

According to a study published in Consumer Reports, approximately 2,600 children are injured and require medical attention in back-over accidents each year, and more than 104 of those die from these types of accidents.

Children are unpredictable in their behavior, and drivers must never assume kids are going to observe the best safety rules around vehicles.  It is up to the driver to ensure a child’s safety by taking steps to prevent a tragedy.

Some Car
Safety Prevention
Steps Include:

  • Before entering your vehicle and driving off, be observant of children around the vehicle.
  • Ensure that children are a safe distance away, and in an area where you can observe them while backing out of your driveway.
  • Teach children about the hazards of playing behind or in front of vehicles.
  • Expect the unexpected when kids are around and drive accordingly.
  • If possible, purchase vehicles with cameras that allow you to see the back area and sides of your vehicle when in reverse.
  • A caveat, if the vehicle is equipped with backup cameras, is to remember there are still blind zones around your vehicle.

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