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Your scratchy cruise ship experience
These little companions may not be so welcomed but they can get into your bed without knocking on your door. Although cruise ships infestations are apparently not very common as portrayed by the media, people going on cruises tell a different story. This is an increasing problem in many cruise ships we trust. But what exactly are bed bugs? They are just parasitic insects that will feed on your blood. But they are quite smart as they will only drink the precious nectar while you sleep. Bedbugs...
August 3, 2017 by admin
Why so many C-sections in South Florida?
You are more at risk of delivering your baby by cesarean section in South Florida than anywhere else across the country. Unfortunately, the state of Florida has some of the highest rates of C-sections. Even during low-risk pregnancies, cesarean sections are still performed. Miami is at  the top of the list with about 40 out of every 100 deliveries being a C-section. A Miami medical malpractice attorney can help you figure out if you have a medical malpractice case. Too many C-sections in...
July 28, 2017 by admin
Common Causes of Elevator Accidents
Nothing worst than being trapped in an elevator. Although elevators are relatively save, sometimes they fail to open or perhaps the doors close very quickly. It feels even worse when the elevator fails to arrive at the desired destination and your are stuck in between floors. Whatever your situation is, make sure you contact a Sunny Isles elevator injury lawyer if you have been injured in an elevator accident. Problems with leveling This is one of the most common causes of elevators...
July 27, 2017 by admin
Bed Bugs Ran me out of my Apartment
A nightmare for tenants is having an infestation of bed bugs. This is also a problem for landlords because it is their responsibility to provide habitable housing. If the tenant has not introduced the bed bugs into the home, the landlord becomes responsible for paying all extermination and relocation costs. A Miami bed bug attorney may have to get involved if the landlord refuses to pay for extermination costs. This can also constitute you breaking your lease early or withholding rent. If the...
July 21, 2017 by admin
Sailing into the Unknown
Nothing more relaxing than sailing and snorkeling in South Florida. Besides having a chance to see Miami’s mansions and enjoying a few historic sites, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. This is priceless and something you should never take for granted. But while adventuring in the water, you must exercise some extra caution. Summer is boating season and many boating accidents occur during this time. Understanding what causes these devastating accidents is the best...
July 20, 2017 by admin
Taking a summer walk may not be a good idea
South Florida has become one of the most popular destinations for summer vacationers. The month of July is a busy month for hotels in the paradisiacal region. Besides having to deal with disoriented tourists in the streets, locals also have to mingle in the already crowded city. Pedestrians particularly face many dangers when walking our roadways. Although walking is great for your overall health, it can also cost your life if you get involved in a pedestrian accident. If this ever happens to...
July 14, 2017 by admin
Venus Williams Accused of Wrongful Death
It has been a tumultuous week for Venus Williams. What should be one of the great milestones of her career has quickly turned into a nightmare. The 37-year-old tennis star reached the semifinals at Wimbledon for the tenth time of her remarkable career. She has won the tournament three times. But it is her life off the court that is grabbing more headlines. Williams is now being sued for wrongful death after her car collided with another motorist driven by Linda Barson in Palm Beach Gardens, FL...
July 13, 2017 by admin
What You Need to Prove in a Slip and Fall Accident
Accidents will happen. And in some cases, they can cause catastrophic injuries. But if the accident was caused by the negligence of someone else or something outside of your control, it is important to seek advisement from an Aventura personal injury attorney to recover compensation for your medical bills, damages, and lost wages. One of the most common types of accidents in South Florida is slip and fall. Many establishments try to take precautions to prevent these types of accidents, but...
July 6, 2017 by admin
Handling an Out-of-Town Accident
Americans love to drive. Road trips are pretty common among teenagers and families; whether it is in state or out of town completely. Nothing beats jumping in a car or van or camper and making your way hundreds of miles from home. The excitement of seeing new things and new places, coupled with great company makes the experience that much more memorable. Many people plan their road trip months in advance and look forward to it, anticipating the fun they are going to have. Summer is the perfect...
June 30, 2017 by admin
Faulty Airbags Can Cause Serious Injuries
Nowadays, most cars come equipped with airbags. The public’s general understanding is that airbags help save your life during a car wreck – and they have. Countless people credit airbag deployment to them being alive after a serious car accident. Many will attest to their effectiveness, and when most of the population gets behind the wheel, they make sure to strap on their seatbelts. But in reality, airbags are not meant to “save” lives, per se. Their function is to push you back so you...
June 29, 2017 by admin
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