Five Biggest Personal Injury Claim Mistakes in Miami
When a person has been in an accident, it can be difficult to make smart decisions. Whether you have been in a car accident or suffered a severe injury due to a slip and fall, it can be an extremely stressful situation.  But when that injury is the result of negligence, it is important to file a personal injury claim to recover the proper amount of compensation to pay for your medical bills, damages, lost wages along with your pain and suffering. The truth is most people often neglect several...
November 24, 2016 by admin
The Rise of School Bus Accidents in Florida
It is every parent’s worst nightmare. Most responsible parents place safety as priority when it comes to raising their children. Each day, countless kids throughout Fort Lauderdale ride school buses. However statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles indicate the amount of school bus accidents in Florida in on the rise. From 2012 to 2015, there has been a 16 percent increase in school bus-related accidents throughout the state. Just in the year 2015 alone,...
November 16, 2016 by admin
The Growing Epidemic of Road Rage and Car Accidents in Miami
The roadways in Miami can be stressful. A morning commute can seem like an obstacle course. Sometimes traffic jams, aggressive and reckless drivers can bring out the worst behavior in motorists. Unfortunately, there are far too many car accidents caused by people who lose their temper. Too often, it can turn a situation from bad to worse. When a driver intentionally tries to harm another motorist with aggressive driving tactics, such as tailgating, merging unnecessarily into a lane or pursuing...
November 12, 2016 by admin
Broward County Courthouse Considered a “Sick Building”
Perhaps no building in Fort Lauderdale has more influence on the lives of people than the Broward County Courthouse. Each day, judges and juries hand down important decisions that affect the public’s safety. Ironically, it is also among the most unsafe buildings to work. A class action lawsuit brought by sick employees alleges the building is filled with asbestos and hazardous mold. The county responded with an initiative to build a new courthouse. However, it remains uncompleted and a year...
November 1, 2016 by admin
The Do’s and Don’ts of Motorcycle Accidents in Miami
There are few things more exhilarating than hitting the open road on your motorcycle. Whether it’s a scenic drive down the MacArthur Causeway or cruising through Ocean Drive, Miami has a lot to offer. Few people are more passionate about their hobby and lifestyle than  South Florida’s motorcycle owners. But for all the fun and adventure that comes with these powerful vehicles, there is an element of danger. Motorcycle accidents in Miami make up a large portion of the city’s traffic...
October 31, 2016 by admin
Busch Gardens Avoids Premises Liability by Shutting Down Popular Ride
Florida is home to some of the most renowned amusement parks in the world. Orlando’s Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and Tampa’s Busch Gardens rank among some of the most popular tourist destinations in the Sunshine State. But thousands of miles away, an amusement park accident in Australia that claimed the lives of four people is raising serious questions about the safety of  water park rides. Busch Gardens announced the park will close its popular...
October 28, 2016 by admin
Jose Fernandez Death Brings Spotlight on Boating Accidents
He was one of baseball’s brightest young stars. Jose Fernandez was known for his bubbly personality and his devastating fastball. But his life was tragically cut short when he and two friends were killed in a boating accident off the coast of Miami Beach. The accident is currently under investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. A spokesman had initially said drugs and alcohol were not involved. However, the recently completed toxicology reports have yet to be...
October 27, 2016 by admin
Do You Have a Case for Premises Liability in Fort Lauderdale?
Nobody expects to get hurt when they enter a public building. Whether you are going out to eat at a restaurant, having fun at an amusement park or enjoying a sporting event at a stadium, you should not have to worry about hazardous conditions that could cause serious physical harm. Yet, countless people  suffer devastating and sometimes life-changing injuries due to negligence by the property owner. Slip and falls and head injuries caused by poor construction and building maintenance have...
October 25, 2016 by admin
What Should I Do After a Slip & Fall Accident in Fort Lauderdale?
They make us laugh while watching movies or television shows. But there is nothing funny about a slip and fall accident--especially when it happens to you. While some people may suffer a minor bruise or scratch, others can suffer a broken hip or even a cracked skull. Slip and falls have been responsible for countless injuries and even fatalities throughout Fort Lauderdale. When you have suffered a serious slip and fall injury due to the negligence of others, it is vital to get the proper...
October 18, 2016 by admin
The Risks of Personal Watercraft
Water sports and the State of Florida seem to naturally go together. When someone is out enjoying the fun and the sun, they simply aren’t thinking about the possibility of getting into an accident. Boating and the use of personal watercraft (PWC) like a jet ski can be very dangerous. Safety precautions must be taken. When they aren’t, the results can be fatal. An accident involving a personal watercraft on Sunday evening left one man dead and his two passengers injured when he slammed...
October 13, 2016 by admin
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