A Broken Bone Shouldn’t Break the Bank

Imagine that you are shopping at your favorite seaside mall during tourist season. Plenty of beachgoers are going directly to the mall from the beach, leaving puddles and loose sand on the floor. Unfortunately, the mall staff aren’t diligently cleaning these messes, and you slip and fall and break your arm.

Should you be stuck with the medical bills from that accident, or should the mall owner pay those costs? If the lack of maintenance was due to negligence, you deserve compensation for the injury you suffered.

The top-rated personal injury lawyers at Neufeld Law Firm can help you determine your legal options when you’ve broken a bone in an accident caused by someone else. We have helped accident victims all over Florida win millions of dollars for their injuries, and we take pride in providing exceptional service to every client. Contact us for a free case review today.

When Can You File a Personal Injury Claim for a Bone Fracture?

Just because you break a bone doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else is legally responsible for compensating you for that harm. To file a personal injury claim, you need to be able to prove negligence.

This means that someone else had a legal duty to protect you from harm, and their breach of that duty resulted in your broken bone. The following are common examples of personal injury claims in Florida that involve bone fractures.

Premises Liability Claims

Broken bones frequently occur in slip and fall accidents, which often fall under premises liability claims. Property owners are required to maintain the safety of their establishments. If someone spills food on the floor or a light goes out in a stairwell, the owner is expected to correct the problem as quickly as possible or warn others that the danger exists.

When a premises owner is negligent in this duty, they become liable for injuries suffered. Many premises liability cases involve some type of hazard that causes someone to fall. This can result in broken arms, legs, or even spines.

Car Accident Claims

When two vehicles weighing over a ton crash into each other at high speeds, there is a good chance that the people inside the vehicle will suffer bone fractures. Some of the most common fractures from a car accident are broken arms, legs, and ribs.

If you were obeying the traffic laws and the other driver was being careless or reckless, you could be eligible for compensation under Florida law. However, Florida is a no-fault state. This means that your broken bones have to be quite serious before you can file a lawsuit against another driver.

Losses Related to Bone Fractures

If you are eligible to file a lawsuit, you may wonder what damages you can expect to receive. This depends on the circumstances of your case. However, certain types of losses are common with bone fractures.

Medical Bills

Fractured bones usually require several medical procedures. Even the most basic fractures typically require an initial medical visit to set the bone and several follow-up visits, which eventually end with the cast being removed. Additionally, you may need physical or occupational therapy after the bone is healed.

A more serious fracture may require multiple surgeries to repair and significant therapy afterward. This can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our legal team can fight to get you every dollar available to cover your medical bills so that you aren’t weighed down by the cost of someone else’s negligence.

Lost Wages

The average broken fracture takes anywhere from a few weeks to over a year to heal. This is a substantial amount of time that you may be unable to work, depending on the nature of the fracture.

At Neufeld Law Firm, we will calculate the value of all lost wages and fight for a settlement that covers those losses. You shouldn’t lose your income because of the actions of another.

Pain and Suffering

While recouping your losses and expenses is critical, it doesn’t make up for the pain you suffered. Our legal team can work to get you additional money to compensate you for your pain and suffering during the healing process.

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