Injured on a Cruise: Can I File a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?
You may want to file a slip and fall lawsuit for damages after returning home from a cruise. How do you know if you should?
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Can I File
a Slip and Fall Lawsuit after Being Injured on a Cruise?

Can I
File a Slip and Fall Lawsuit after Being Injured on a Cruise?

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: slip and fall lawyer

slip and fall lawsuit - cruiseSlip and fall accidents can lead to serious health concerns. In fact, one million people visit the ER each year for serious slip and fall injuries; they can lead to serious brain injury and even death.

Dangers are increased on a cruise ship; after you fall, there isn’t an emergency room close by. The fun of a vacation can distract you from your health, and you may experience additional symptoms when you arrive home. These injuries can rack up a large hospital bill when you are back on shore, and you may want to file a slip and fall lawsuit for damages.

But will the suit be worth the process?

Finding Fault in Slip and Fall Cases

In all slip and fall cases, a guilty party has to be recognized as causing the accident. To win the lawsuit, you will need to prove that the cruise ship or its staff’s negligence caused your accident.

Ask yourself the following questions about the location of your fall. The answer may help you discover possible negligence that attributed to your fall:

  • Were there handrails by the stairs? Were they stable and accessible for all heights?
  • Was the height of the steps consistent throughout the staircase or ladder?
  • Was the area slippery?
  • Was the potential danger of slip and fall communicated around the area?
  • Was the area well lit?
  • Did you or others express safety concerns to staff?

The cruise ship’s response to your slip and fall is also important to remember for your case. If the ship’s doctor did not immediately treat your accident, you could end up with further injuries or damage. Poor medical attention can also be considered negligence in court.

In some cases, however, the cruise ship cannot be found liable for medical malpractice onboard. Be sure to review the cruise line’s policies on medical care and liability.

When the Cruise Ship Isn’t Liable

The defendant may try to find you at fault in court. Some accidents are just that: accidents. Ask yourself these questions, as the defendant may try and find negligence in your behavior:

  • Were you running when you fell?
  • Had you been consuming alcohol before your fall? How much?
  • Did you seek medical attention after your fall?
  • Did you suffer from seasickness or dizziness the day of your accident?

Slip and fall claims fall under the premise liability claim