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Can I Recover
Damages If I Caused The Damage?

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There are a number of variables that may have contributed to the cause of an auto accident. Since so many factors are typically at play in a given accident, if you are in the unfortunate position to have been part of the cause of an injury accident or fatality, you should seek to understand what rights you have. In fact, you would do well to connect with the right attorney to see if you yourself are due damages from the accident.

Even if you are considered to be at fault, whether by the determination of the insurance companies, by the officer who wrote the traffic ticket, or by litigious accusation, it is important to enlist the advocacy of a trusted attorney to launch a thorough investigation immediately.  Factors that could have share responsibility in the cause of the accident should be explored.

Some Of These
Potential Causalities Are:

  • Systemic or direct pressure applied by employers to cause driver to push on beyond the point of being dangerously fatigued
  • Auto manufacturer’s defects
  • Neglect of municipalities and responsible agencies to maintain safe road conditions
  • Poor signage and lack of imminent hazard warning such as construction, no shoulder, dangerous curves, hard-to-see intersections, animal crossing
  • Insufficient safety precautions in clean-up of other accidents
  • Other accidents that cause traffic congestion and road blocks
  • Negligence to remove abandoned vehicles from dangerous locations
  • A third party (employer, contractor, premise host) texting the driver with full knowledge he or she is on the road
  • Host or hostess of a party contributing to driver’s alcohol intake and allowing him or her to drive home in an intoxicated state

The moment you are in an auto accident, one of the wisest first steps you can make is to call your attorney.  The firm of Neufeld, Kleinberg, & Pinkiert have over 90 years combined experience and can help you know what to say and what not to say in the wake of an accident you may have caused. Before you speak with insurance companies or admit to any kind of fault (no matter how clear it seems), give us a call.

Contact us via email to set up an appointment with one of our skilled auto accident attorneys. With offices in Dade and Broward and weekend appointments available, we can serve you with immediate advocacy for your case. For the benefit of yourself and your family, leverage our experience for your case.