You Can Prevent Uber Accident Disasters With These Tips
To avoid an unfriendly confrontation with a victim’s Uber accident attorney in Florida, slow down and obey the rules of the road.
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You Can
Prevent Uber Accident Disasters With These Tips

You Can
Prevent Uber Accident Disasters With These Tips

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Uber Accident

Memories of car accidents plague Florida highways, with each stretch of interstate telling an unspeakable story of vehicular carnage which claimed the life of someone innocent. Perhaps your family members were lost somewhere along I-95, or were forced into an embankment along a lonely stretch of highway. You really don’t want to experience similar misfortunes while Ubering, but realize you’re unable to control others.

Disastrous car wrecks seem normal. But they don’t have to be, according to one highly respected Hallandale Uber accident attorney. Preventative measures which save lives should be taken before that 3,000-pound bullet leaves your driveway to pick up your day’s first rider, with some of those listed below.

Inspect your vehicle. Even if new.

Commercial drivers like you inspect their vehicles prior to delivering packages, hauling passengers or towing other vehicles around town. Why? Because even new vehicles could have insufficient tire pressure, which can cause vehicles to wreck.

Check oil pressure, make sure safety belts work properly and put whatever distractions may be necessary to complete your taxi work, such as your cellphone, on a pedestal located somewhere around your forward field of vision. These cost pennies in comparison to what inconveniences they spare you.

Performing pre-travel inspections on your vehicle may seem boring and unnecessary, yet you’ll thank your Hallandale Uber accident attorney later when your life was saved.

Keep safe distance between other cars

One should never ‘hoard’ the road. Keeping a safe distance between yourself and other cars gives you more time to brake, helps others stop suddenly when you do, and could prevent nightmarish crashes.

Now, it’s understandable that sometimes rush hour traffic goes bumper to bumper. Can’t prevent ten thousand cars from entering the freeway at once, we get that. However, doing your part to prevent others from wrecking your business vehicle can preserve your passengers and keep you earning money.

Don’t speed to your drop-off point

85 miles an hour. That’s how fast Princess Diana’s driver was going when they flew into a pillar. Nobody survived that crash, which effectively pushed the front of the car into the backseat.

What’s the point of speeding, anyway? Yes, you’re wanting to drop one passenger and get to your next destination. Uber’s incredible app allows you to connect to the person by telephone to let them know you’re coming. It’s just not worth having your family live without you just to speed.

If your speed contributed to passengers of yours or another’s vehicle getting hurt, you’ll face an aggressive Hallandale Uber accident attorney ready to compensate them for your need to speed.

Remember, you can avoid car accident disasters

Driving your personal vehicle to make ends meet is amicable. Today’s technology allows people to do this, and even provides people with instant transfers of daily earnings to bank accounts. It’s amazing.

What’s not so amazing is car accidents. Uber drivers wanting to squeeze an extra ride or two in any given hour may speed. Drivers may avoid inspecting their vehicle prior to leaving their home. And even worse, some drivers love tailgating.

To avoid an unfriendly confrontation with a victim’s Hallandale Uber accident attorney, slow down and obey the rules of the road. You’ll earn money, get better reviews and save other cars from disaster.