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Car Accidents:
The Scary Facts

Car Accidents:
The Scary Facts

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By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer

Using vehicles as out prime mode of transportation has become second nature to us. We don’t think twice before opening the door of our beloved car, and driving with ease to our destination. An But what we forget is while going about our day today routine is the car accident at any time on the road is the potential of being in a potentially fatal car accident is imminent at anytime, and the road in fact can be era very dangerous place indeed. All across the United States there has been a gradual increase in deaths due to car accidents. Currently, nearly 1.3 million people die yearly due to car accidents across the world, resulting in a horrendous 3287 deaths daily. To add to this there are at least 20 – 50 million people that are injured or disabled all across the Globe as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

How road traffic accidents affect the United States:

Sadly, within the United States the figures show the same sad trend as the rest if the world. Out of the total deaths in the United States 37,000 of them are as a direct result of a road traffic accident, and 2.3 million people are disabled. It is unfortunately the third leading cause if unnatural death in the United states, making it an epidemic that needs to be solved. Nearly 8000 of these deaths are involving drivers or passengers aged 16 – 20 years. Inthe year 2016, there was a 100 fatalities involving 18 – 20 year olds.

Recently the true reality of this was shown by the death of eighteen year old Alyssa Cook, who was involved in a four car accident that ended in the worst way possible. The accident occured between the hours of 3 and 4 am while Alyssa was a passenger in a car that ended up being hit by another, leading to her being on life support.

Why Car accidents are increasing:

A lot of experts are of the opinion that an increase in car accidents is due to the gradual rise in population especially within Florida. So basically the more people there are, the more cars there are resulting in more accidents. Statistics provided by the US census Bureau show that the metropolitan area of Orlando and Orange County had a surge in population of 60,000 people in the previous year.

The main factor affecting drivers is poor weather and distracted driving. To add to this in Florida, there is the highest rate of retired Americans. This factor is also considered to be an issue when it comes to road safety, with the statistics showing that the accidents occuring in Florida by adults aged 65 and over is double that of drivers aged 15-19. Unfortunately the major cause of accidents is in fact drivers who drive under the influence.

Contact a Car Accident lawyer in Florida:

While the numbers above are shocking and no one wishes to be involved in such an situation, if you are ever faced by the traumatized Effects of a car accident contact a car accident lawyer in Miami as a matter of urgency. For help and support through the situation by an experienced car Accident lawyer North Miami consult one of our team members at 305-91-6666.