Your Road Debris Claim
Who is the responsible for your Road Debris Claim in Miami? Contact Miami car accident attorney who can help you.
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Your Road Debris Claim
There are times when road debris may cause serious damages to vehicles and injure drivers or pedestrians passing by. Perhaps you are driving down the road after hurricane Irma and suddenly, a tree falls on your vehicle or debris is flying at you. This is the typical scenario for many South Floridians during hurricane season. But how do you deal with this situation? And who is responsible for these damages? These are questions your Miami car accident attorney will be able to answer for...
October 7, 2017 by admin
The Sunshine State Has Some of The Worst Drivers
Recent studies confirm that Florida drivers are not as attentive as we would like them to be. For those of us living in South Florida, that’s not too surprising. The magnificent state has one of the lowest numbers of insured drivers in the whole nation, in spite of auto insurance being required. We also have higher numbers of people killed in accidents. If you get involved in a collision. Make sure you contact a Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney to help you with the legalities. Attorneys...
September 25, 2017 by admin
Hurricane Irma Aftermath Safety tips
Irma has transformed our streets into swamps and debris. Although the cleanup started earlier than expected, it is still not safe to travel in some areas. It is important that residents of South Florida exercise patience while the streets are cleared from all danger. It is going to take a while before everything goes back to normal. About 15 million people were without electricity across the state of Florida and there is still 40% who lack electricity. There is a lot of fallen electrical...
September 15, 2017 by admin
Road Hazards Can Trigger a Car Accident
Bad road conditions account for many collisions in Fort Lauderdale. Accidents from debris can cause a variety of injuries that require long-term treatment. While most accidents are caused by the driver’s fault, there are other times when road issues such as traffic cones, debris, and other unstable road conditions may cause a devastating car accident. Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys can provide you with the resources you need to effectively handle your car accident injury...
August 25, 2017 by admin
Handling an Out-of-Town Accident
Americans love to drive. Road trips are pretty common among teenagers and families; whether it is in state or out of town completely. Nothing beats jumping in a car or van or camper and making your way hundreds of miles from home. The excitement of seeing new things and new places, coupled with great company makes the experience that much more memorable. Many people plan their road trip months in advance and look forward to it, anticipating the fun they are going to have. Summer is the perfect...
June 30, 2017 by admin
Faulty Airbags Can Cause Serious Injuries
Nowadays, most cars come equipped with airbags. The public’s general understanding is that airbags help save your life during a car wreck – and they have. Countless people credit airbag deployment to them being alive after a serious car accident. Many will attest to their effectiveness, and when most of the population gets behind the wheel, they make sure to strap on their seatbelts. But in reality, airbags are not meant to “save” lives, per se. Their function is to push you back so you...
June 29, 2017 by admin
Teen Drivers More Susceptible to Car Accidents
Getting your driver license is a time-honored tradition, a rite of passage for most teens in America. It signifies the beginning of true freedom. Once you obtain your license, the world is yours to explore. We’ve all had that vision of ourselves driving down the highway, top down, going wherever the open road takes you. But as you get older and you have kids, you dread the day your child passes their driving exam and obtains their license. Now, there are a whole new set of problems for you to...
June 22, 2017 by admin
DUI Car Accidents are Prevalent in South Florida
We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are genuine and honest mistakes, while some are due to bad choices. But a bad choice should not ruin your entire life, especially if no one is injured. But, the law does not always see it that way. One major mistake America as a whole makes on a consistent basis is drinking and driving. Despite the numerous modes of backup transportation we have to get us home safely, we take it into our hands to risk getting behind the wheel. Most of the times we are lucky...
June 3, 2017 by admin
Car Accident Attorney in Aventura Has Years of Experience Representing Victims
Car accidents in South Florida are as common as the sunshine itself. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a hassle. Getting into a car accident can be a traumatic ordeal for most people. You go through a rollercoaster of emotions including shock, panic, anger, fear and sometimes helplessness. You may not feel any pain immediately after your accident, but it is always a good idea to get checked out. Some injuries may be internal, and some may not manifest themselves for a few days. The...
May 5, 2017 by admin
Crosswalk Accident Attorneys in High Demand in Aventura
Although not always deadly, being struck by a car as a pedestrian is - at the very least - a little painful. Sometimes the pain is not evident immediately but takes a few days to register throughout the body. Adrenaline may numb the pain and you may feel fine. But then the adrenaline wears off and you may notice discomfort or worse. It is always recommended that you get checked out after an accident, even if you feel like nothing is wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry. And it is always...
April 26, 2017 by admin
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