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Cheap Does
Not Mean Good, Choose Your Doctor Wisely

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Whenever a doctor cannot do good,
he (or she) must keep from doing harm.


Old Hippocrates was on to something. All physicians in the United States are required to take an oath named after Hippocrates, the father of western medicine. The Hippocratic oath, among other things holds to the highest standards of honesty. Although most doctors and physicians here in Florida take this oath very seriously and faithfully uphold it’s ideals, there are some that through neglect or deceit slip outside the bounds of their pledge and commit medical malpractice. When this happens, sometimes people get hurt and some die.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable plastic surgeon, a family practitioner, or a reasonable specialist in a particular field, choosing the right doctor can be a tricky thing to navigate. If you or someone you love feels you may have been deceived or harmed by a physician who seems to be less than reputable, call Neufeld, Kleinberg, and Pinkiert today. Let’s talk about what steps you can take to pursue disciplinary action and compensation for any damages you may have had.

Meanwhile, here are some helpful tips we may consider in choosing a doctor. As you look into the credentials of the doctor you are considering it would be well worth it to take a few extra steps to insure you are protected.

Medical Quality Assurance services allows you search any Florida doctor by name to check their medical license records. You can do a general Google search with your Florida doctor’s name and malpractice or law suit. Some doctors have been known to commit malpractice in one state and flee to set up shop in another.

The team of medical malpractice specialists can help you know whether you have a legitimate case. Contact our offices today to set up an appointment and enlist the help of trusted advocates. Call Neufeld, Kleinberg, and Pinkiert today!