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Check Your
Pills before Taking Them

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Medication errors by pharmacists cause injuries to more than one million Americans each year.  When you pick up a new prescription, or each time you purchase a refilled prescription, check your pills before taking them.  In addition, it’s always wise to count the number of pills to ensure you receive the exact number listed on the outside of the container.

Wrong prescriptions can result in serious and sometimes fatal consequences.  Never assume that a pharmacist is giving you the correct prescription.  It’s not uncommon for a pharmacist to misread or misinterpret a physician’s handwriting.  There are also many prescriptions that have similar names, but are prescribed for very different illnesses.  Discuss your prescriptions with the pharmacist, and educate yourself regarding possible side effects.

To Avoid Injury Or Fatal Reactions To Your Prescriptions, Make It A Practice To:

  • Check the label to ensure you received the medication prescribed
  • Check the label to ensure your name is on the label
  • Ask the pharmacist about drug allergy related interactions
  • Always discuss concerns you have with the pharmacist

If You Have Been
Given The Wrong
Medication By A Pharmacy,
You May Be Able To Recover
Damages In The Following Areas:

  • Lost income
  • Physicians bills
  • Payment for pain and suffering

Recovering damages for pharmaceutical errors will help ensure that pharmacists demonstrate more care in dispensing medications, and in training their staff to double check each prescription being dispensed.  Many prescription errors could be avoided if pharmacists and their staff simply asked the right questions of individuals purchasing their medications.

Wrong Prescription
Claim Representation

If you have been injured by a wrong prescription, you need to contact Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA. Our wrong prescription lawyers always offer a free initial consultation and we will guide you in each necessary step to recover from your damages.