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Dangers of
risky commercial truck driving

Dangers of
Risky Commercial Truck Driving

commercial truck Accident
By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer, Hollywood

The unpredictable weather in Florida makes it forever difficult to navigate the roads. Add to this congestion and other road issues, the risk in Florida’s roads is very real especially when there are drivers out there that are making risky maneuvers.

While risky manoeuvres are difficult regardless of the type of vehicles because of the sheer size of trucks these calculated risks can become fatal. Keeping control of a big vehicle like a commercial truck is hard enough, but attempting a high risk maneuver while driving one can make the road a dangerous place.

The effects of tailgating on truck accidents:

Tailgating is when one vehicle follows another too closely from behind. This is dangerous regardless of the size of the car but when a driver maneuvers their truck so closely behind another vehicle, they put themselves at enormous risk of causing an accident.

The chance of rear ending another vehicle when tailgating can be quite high, and this risk and the impact increases dramatically when the vehicle behind is a commercial truck. The weight and size of a commercial truck is substantially larger than that of a smaller vehicle, giving them more momentum making it harder to break in an emergency. To have enough room to break gradually and not harshly and abruptly commercial trucks typically require several car lengths between them and the car in front of them for efficient braking.

Tailgating can result in jackknifing and this can be quite a high risk. Jackknifing is where the momentum behind a trailer pushes it to fold along the side of the truck that is coming to a stop. This can be catastrophic.

The risk of switching lanes in a commercial truck:

When switching from one lane to the next it can be quite difficult and dangerous depending on the conditions and you always run the risk of an accident.

Semi trucks have various blind spots which makes this manoeuvre even more difficult than the average vehicle. If there is a car in the truck’s blind spot then the accident that occurs as a result can have fatal consequences.

Dangers of not stopping at a yellow light while driving a commercial truck:

It’s not something that is hard to workout, when it comes to figuring out the dangers of an eighty foot long truck running a yellow light. Due to a commercial truck picking up speed when running a yellow light, the sheer momentum will make it difficult to break causing it to rear end the vehicle in front.

If the truck doesn’t make it past the yellow light it can run past a red light and go straight into oncoming traffic causing a catastrophic multi car accident.

Contact a Car Accident lawyer in Florida:

While the facts above are shocking and no one wishes to be involved in such an situation, if you are ever faced by the traumatized Effects of a car accident contact a car accident lawyer in Hollywood as a matter of urgency. For help and support through the situation by an experienced car Accident lawyer Hollywood consult one of our team members at 305-91-6666.