Doctors can get away with medical malpractice in Florida
If you are a victim of medical malpractice, the sooner you and your personal injury attorney can work together, the better for your case.
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Doctors can get away with medical malpractice in Florida

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Although the state Department of Health is supposed to punish doctors in Florida who commit malpractice, that’s not always the case. Out of 24,000 cases resolved, only one-half of 1% actually make it to a courtroom. Most medical malpractice cases settle and from the ones that go to trial, doctors aren’t always disciplined. The state of Florida definitely lacks disciplinary action against medical error. Something is terribly wrong with the system. If you have been wronged by a doctor in South Florida, it is important you contact a Miami medical malpractice attorney to protect your rights. Unless you hire an experienced personal injury attorney, you will end up in the same position as other victims of medical malpractice.

When it comes to taking action against doctors in Florida, there is not much done. It is a slow process that may lead nowhere. Doctors with medical malpractice charges are allowed to continue seeing other patients. The system is just too slow to discipline these doctors after a medical malpractice settlement.

A recent investigation by the Sun Sentinel shows that:

  • The Florida Department of Health should determine whether to charge a doctor six months after the complaint was filed. However, they generally take longer than that.
  • Cases that require more than one year should be expedited yet they are generally prosecuted within two years or longer.
  • While the license of these doctors can be suspended while medical malpractice cases are pending, it is very rare seeing the Florida Surgeon General suspending a license.
  • Doctors involved in lawsuits of 50K or more during the past 5 years should be investigated. Out of 1,500 investigations in Florida over the last decade, only seven actually led to discipline.

There are several reasons for delaying prosecution, including patients unwilling to cooperate and doctors who simply moved out of state. Many of these cases are complex requiring the intervention of a qualified attorney. Unfortunately many victims of medical malpractice don’t fight and these doctors get away with murder. The only way to re-drive compensation for your losses is to sue.

Many cases are currently pending. Hundreds of them drag on while medical errors continue to increase. Doctors with pending medical malpractice cases keep making the same mistakes and nothing is done to correct the situation. These doctors should be disciplined but they are not.

While it is true prosecutors are overworked, that’s not a valid excuse to allow professionals in the medical field violate the code of ethics and get away with it. There are only 28 attorneys currently handling about 800 cases in Florida. Many Florida doctors with medical malpractice charges keep practicing and evidence expires. If you are a victim of medical malpractice, the sooner you and your personal injury attorney can work together, the better for your case.

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