Don’ts of pedestrian accidents | Aventura pedestrian accident attorney
It is important you seek the assistance of a Aventura pedestrian accident attorney if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident.
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Don’ts of
pedestrian accidents

Don’ts of
pedestrian accidents

By: Jasonneufeld
Posted in: Pedestrian Accident

There are many laws governing pedestrian accidents and ways to avoid deadly interactions with vehicles. While dangerous intersections and road conditions cause many of these accidents, drivers should remember the don’ts of pedestrian accidents when heading out there. When involved in an accident, make sure you contact a Aventura pedestrian accident attorney to protect your interests and seek compensation on your behalf.

Don’t drive under the influence

Intoxicated drivers cause almost fifteen percent of deadly pedestrian accidents. Both the driver and the pedestrian share the road therefore drunk driving is not safe for anyone. The more alcohol the driver consumes, the less reliable your response time and coordination becomes. Also, DUI arrests are very costly. A DUI charge can affect both your finances and emotional wellbeing. But all of that is nothing with the guilt you will feel when you injure or kill a pedestrian or driver of another vehicle.

Don’t pass a car in a crosswalk

If you see a car stops in a crosswalk, don’t pass it. This is a common scenario for many pedestrian car accidents. Impatient drivers don’t see the pedestrian crossing the street and pass the car in front of them only to injure or kill a pedestrian. In other words, don’t assume the driver that just stopped in front of you is distracted but rather look carefully for any pedestrians crossing the road.

Don’t block sidewalks

This is another typical scenario. It’s very dangerous when a car blocks a sidewalk. It forces pedestrian out of their path and they may walk closer to your vehicle and other vehicles passing by, exposing themselves to danger. You must yield to pedestrians at all times as they are more vulnerable for accidents and lack protection.

Don’t drive recklessly

Aggressive driving includes tailgating, cutting off, swerving, speeding and merging at the last minute. But aggressive driving entails more than a reckless driver. It can also promote road rage and make others feel unsafe. You can drive defensively and simply be cautious. Check the blind spots, look in the mirrors, use your turn signals, and above all, slow down.

Don’t admit your fault

It is important you seek the assistance of a Aventura pedestrian accident attorney if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident. Whether you are the driver or pedestrian, the attorney can take a look at the circumstances surrounding your case and determine if the charges brought against you are just. Remember if you admit that the accident was your fault, the statement can be used against you later on.

Don’t reject medical attention

You must seek medical treatment as soon as possible as your injuries may worsen over time. Even if you don’t feel hurt, you should seek proper medical treatment and ask for a copy of your medical records. It will help your attorney obtain a fair settlement for your injuries. Contact us today and we will tell take a look at your circumstances and tell you whether or not you have a case.