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Airbags Can Cause Serious Injuries

Faulty Airbags
Can Cause Serious Injuries

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer

Nowadays, most cars come equipped with airbags. The public’s general understanding is that airbags help save your life during a car wreck – and they have. Countless people credit airbag deployment to them being alive after a serious car accident. Many will attest to their effectiveness, and when most of the population gets behind the wheel, they make sure to strap on their seatbelts. But in reality, airbags are not meant to “save” lives, per se. Their function is to push you back so you do not hit anything in front of you during a crash – i.e. steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, etc. In order to do this, it must deploy with a significant amount of force; a force that could end up injuring you. That’s why accidental deployments or defective airbags are a major hazard. Deploying during an accident is one thing, but randomly and unexpectedly is cause for concern.

Each year, thousands of cars are recalled for faulty airbags. Luckily, many consumers heed the warning in time and get the issue remedied. But for those who do not and are affected by it, it can mean damage not just to you or your vehicle, but passengers as well. The personal injury law offices of Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, P.A. has some of the top attorneys handling car accident cases involving faulty airbags. They understand the trauma you can go through during such an ordeal. Some injuries can be so devastating, it can affect the driver or passenger physically, mentally and financially. Getting compensated then becomes a major priority in order for you to begin to move past your nightmare.

Injuries Airbags Can Cause

The face is the easiest target of an airbag. When it deploys, it is sudden, leaving little time for reaction. If it impacts with your face, it could cause damage to your eyes, nose and mouth. Some injuries are simple (bruises, swollen lip or eyes), while others are more serious (broken nose, temporary or permanent blindness or broken jaw).

Your chest area is the possibly the biggest target. In order for you not to fly through the windshield, the airbag has to cover a significant area of your body. But the force with which it does so has caused internal injuries, including broken bones and soft tissue damage.

When the airbag deploys, it can also cause burn injuries to the face and arms. It deploys with such speed and force it can literally burn someone in the process. Luckily, most burns are not that serious.

Airbags do save lives, but they are a double-edged sword in some cases. Faulty airbags can be just as dangerous as being in a mild to moderate or even severe car wreck. If you have been affected by faulty airbags, call the law offices of Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA and speak with one of their attorneys. They will know the steps to take to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve for your ordeal. Give them a contact us today for a free consultation and let them help you get back on the road safely.