Five Biggest Personal Injury Claim Mistakes in Miami
When that injury is the result of negligence, it is important to file a personal injury claim to recover the proper amount of compensation.
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Five Biggest
Personal Injury Claim Mistakes in Miami

Five Biggest
Personal Injury Claim Mistakes in Miami

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer

When a person has been in an accident, it can be difficult to make smart decisions. Whether you have been in a car accident or suffered a severe injury due to a slip and fall, it can be an extremely stressful situation.  But when that injury is the result of negligence, it is important to file a personal injury claim to recover the proper amount of compensation to pay for your medical bills, damages, lost wages along with your pain and suffering. The truth is most people often neglect several details when it comes time to file a personal injury claim. Miami is a great place to live for great year-round weather. But it also has a reputation for bad drivers.

Accidents never announce when they are going to happen. When they do, most people do not have the presence of mind to make the right choices. Before you file a personal injury claim in Miami, here are some important mistakes to avoid.

  • Avoid speaking to the wrong people: Many people who get into car accidents in Miami spend far too much time talking to the other driver. The only time you should ever communicate with that person is to exchange phone numbers and insurance information.  In addition to talking to the wrong people, many accident victims make the mistake of admitting guilt for causing the accident. Even if you did cause the accident, any perceived admission of guilt can be damaging to your personal injury claim.
  • Failure to seek medical and legal help: If you have been in any type of accident, it is important to properly document your injuries. Visit a doctor or go to the emergency room. Even if the injuries do not appear to be serious, they can later escalate into something worse down the road. If you do have a serious injury that requires medical care or have any significant damages to your car or property, it is important to visit a Miami personal injury attorney immediately. Because most people do not properly understand their legal rights, it is important to get sound legal advice and representation.
  • Failure to document all injuries and damages: You could be the most trustworthy person in the world. But it does not mean you will be automatically awarded compensation for your personal injury claim. Make sure every piece of damage or injury is properly documented. Make sure you documentation explains where the accident happened, who was involved along with how and where each injury was treated. Also, make sure you have photos or video to provide visual evidence of your accident.
  • Do not accept the first insurance settlement without question: Make sure your Miami personal injury lawyer looks over your insurance settlement. It is not unusual for many insurance claims to be underpaid or even denied. Accident victims are under no obligation to accept insurance compensation outright.
  • Failure to Plan Ahead: Many accident victims require months and sometimes years to recover. You may not be in condition to return to work. An experienced Miami personal injury lawyer can help prepare the best plan of action to place the client in the best position to succeed.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of others, it is crucial to recover the maximum amount of settlement to account for your health expenses along with lost and damaged property. The legal team at Neufeld Kleinberg & Pinkiert, P.A. have successfully represent countless men and women recovered the proper compensation they deserve. To learn more, schedule a consultation to discuss your legal options.