Floor Surface Is Major Factor In Slip and Fall Accidents
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Floor Surface
Is Major Factor In Slip and Fall Accidents

Floor Surface
Is Major Factor In Slip and Fall Accidents

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: slip and fall lawyer

Occupational slip and fall accidents are a major economic problem across most industries. Industrial falls are estimated to cause about 13% of all work-related deaths across the United States and between 10 and 20% of all unintended injuries. While it’s always assumed the victim is over exaggerating their suffering to benefit financially, less than 3% of such cases exist every 100 brought to civil court.

One major issue our Aventura slip and fall accidents attorney is noticing in many cases where people sustain nasty injuries from wet or uneven surfaces is flooring material. Seems trivial to conduct major studies on various surfaces, but it’s helped deduce one major fact: certain floors breed slips and falls.

Irrespective of where these terrifying incidents occur, studying safe floor surfaces should be the end game for business owners. Here’s what we know thus far.

‘Rigid’ is better for kitchens, common areas

800,000 individuals sustain some form of slip and fall injury annually. From ‘air stepping’ to slipping on wet floors at Walmart, numerous claims are made by persons who did everything they could to avert tragedy. One common denominator you’ll find in many fall accidents is the surface type seems to be tile.

Ceramic, travertine and similar tile styles aren’t factory treated with slip-resistant coatings. Businesses lay this much smoother tile because it’s affordable, but fail to account for what may happen if grease, water or other liquids get left for someone else to slip on.

Kitchens, common walkways and bathrooms would greatly benefit from coarser tiling. Manufacturers have designed textured tiles that lessen the likelihood someone will bust their duff when floors aren’t quite dry. Imagine an everyday ceramic tile coated with sand; that’s the general idea you’re shooting for.

Carpet cleaning is cheaper than lawsuits

Why aren’t more businesses slapping level-loop carpeting across their floors? It costs pennies in contrast to tile and grout. It can be steam cleaned once or twice weekly. And when carpet gets wet, it’s not slick (although it can become an eyesore rather quick).

Now, perhaps we’re not home improvement experts, but we know an excellent Aventura slip and fall accidents attorney who’s pretty good at logically deducing facts. People who slip on wet surfaces in various business establishments wouldn’t slip on carpet. Slips and falls cause injuries which lead to civil suits.

Bottom line: those wanting to prevent unneeded premises liability injuries should run to their favorite carpet store and spend the $1.00 or less per square foot to protect their interests.

Remember, you can’t slip and fall on air.

Floors are going to be an obvious culprit in fall injuries. We all know this. Why businesses who’ve been held accountable for their actions haven’t done anything to change their flooring is perplexing, at best.

If businesses have money to burn, it’s advisable they change their higher traffic floors to something that either favors slip-resistance, or just get level loop carpeting and Rug Doctor it twice a week.

If you’ve been victimized by another business’s lack of floor care, and wish to file suit, contact an experienced Aventura slip and fall accidents attorney today.