Follow Slip and Fall Accident Protocol or Risk Dismissal.
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Follow Slip
and Fall Accident Protocol. Or Risk Dismissal.

Follow Slip
and Fall Accident Protocol or Risk Dismissal.

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We’d be remiss to think every case hitting attorneys desk across America will pan out. Some may lack overwhelming evidence, few could be deemed procedurally imperfect, while some could stem from someone courts deem to be a ‘career litigant’ due to the volume of cases being submitted clearly fraught with frivolity. Laws allow zero room for error.

Slip and fall accident cases, today’s most popular premises liability issue, aren’t easily ‘faked’. People with genuine injury would prefer the incident never happened. An Aventura slip and fall accident attorney hates seeing people negligently injured, regardless what position they take when litigating victims. Deadly at worst, legitimate slip and fall accidents happen far too often across Florida.

To prevent your claims from failing, protocol must be followed by the books. Below you’ll find simple steps attorneys take to keep your case alive, and potentially settled much h2er than you’d imagine.

Ensure proper reporting is followed

Whether your nasty accident happened at work, while vacationing or during an average day inside your apartment complex, reporting to the ‘powers that be’ should be priority number one. Maybe it wakes the property owner or employer up, maybe it doesn’t. The point here is to begin an easily followable paper trail.

Start with writing your complaint on paper, including everything that transpired. Add pictures to your complaint, even if that means smartphone screenshots. Make copies of your complaint, sign it and deliver the original to the boss.

Let a couple days pass before reporting to other agencies, including your Aventura slip and fall accident attorney. You want compensation and a commitment to fix the issue, but being too hasty may upset the herd.

Evidence preservation

You took pictures, filed reports, have credible witnesses to your incident and believe camera footage may substantiate your claim. Evidence preservation involves starting a folder with everything you’ve collected, and keeping that evidence far away from everyone else. Don’t discuss your collection with anyone but an attorney, who’ll also preserve this evidence.

Any medical records that prove your hospital admission, procedures and medications administered, and specific prognoses should also be collected immediately. You’re entitled to your own medical records.

Preserving evidence that an injury happened when you slipped and fell will prevent property owners from doctoring the scene, or trying to claim you’re lying.

Cooperate with all internal investigations

Even after you’ve retained counsel, work departments or large hotel chains may open an internal investigation to determine who dropped the ball, and why. Although you’re welcome to discuss specific events with your attorney, always cooperate with officials conducting these investigations. That includes insurance adjusters or whomever else feels inclined to intervene.

Yes, you should answer questions with attorney present. Under their guidance, you’ll avoid entrapment or implicating yourself as the perpetrator of this accident.

Remember, even valid claims can be invalidated.

Slip and fall accidents aren’t fun. Elderly folks lose their lives every year from such falls, and thousands are seriously injured enough to warrant losing their steady income streams. People do win claims frequently when negligence caused such injuries, yet if proper protocol isn’t followed, the h2est cases can be invalidated or impossible to litigate, which may lessen your settlement offer.

If you feel intimidated, scared or otherwise unsure where to begin, you can phone an experienced Aventura slip and fall accident attorney who’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish.