How a Top-Rated PI Lawyer Can Help After a Serious Injury

Few injuries are more devastating than internal organ damage. These injuries almost always require surgery to repair, followed by a lifetime of outpatient treatment. This is the type of expense that many people cannot afford.

The top-rated personal injury lawyers at Neufeld Law Firm have a history of winning large settlements and verdicts for clients all across Florida. If you are facing mounting medical bills due to your internal organ damage, our seasoned team can fight for the compensation you deserve to move forward.

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The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Your Injury Claim

While modern medical science can provide treatments for organs that are badly injured, that treatment is typically expensive and can be daunting to take on.

For example, if you lose a portion of your liver, you will likely need to follow a strict diet, take several medications, and receive regular medical evaluations indefinitely. You may also require multiple surgeries throughout your life. The skilled attorneys at Neufeld Law Firm can help you get the compensation you will need to deal with such significant injuries and the losses that accompany them.

Generally, personal injury lawyers in Florida prefer not to negotiate a settlement or go to court until a client’s injuries have been fully treated. This can prevent a dispute over the cost of the injuries. But that isn’t possible with serious internal organ damage due to the severity of this type of injury.

Fortunately, the lawyers at Neufeld Law Firm have over 100 years of combined experience. This experience allows us to accurately estimate the value of future expenses and losses in complicated cases like these. We use this knowledge to help you get fair compensation from insurance companies, no matter where you are in your recovery.

Our compassionate attorneys also understand the degree of suffering you may face after internal organ damage. A lifetime of medication and pain deserve compensation beyond recouping your financial losses. But an insurance company won’t give you compensation for these intangible losses unless you have a lawyer fighting for you.

When to Contact a Lawyer After an Internal Organ Injury

If you injure yourself on your own, you typically aren’t eligible for filing a personal injury claim in Florida, though your medical insurance may cover some or all of your medical costs. A personal injury claim requires that someone else’s negligence caused you harm.

The following are examples of situations where you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately after suffering an internal organ injury.

Medical Malpractice

While many internal organ injuries are the result of some type of physical trauma, you can also suffer organ damage if your doctor prescribes you the wrong medication. This type of injury often isn’t immediately apparent. Thankfully, Florida law allows you extra time to file a lawsuit if you don’t discover the injury when it first happens.

Car Accidents

Internal injuries are often caused in car accidents by blunt force trauma. One common injury occurs when the seat belt causes injury to your intestines or stomach.

These injuries may not be obvious at first. You should keep an eye out for unexplained bruising on your torso for about a week or so after an accident. If bruising appears, you may have internal bleeding that is often associated with internal organ damage.


An unfortunate cause of internal organ damage is assault. Whether you are attacked at random on a public street or assaulted by someone you know, that intentional action makes the person who assaulted you liable for any injuries you suffer.

If you are assaulted, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Doing so can create a police report, which our attorneys can use to support your claim later. Establishing a medical record early on can strengthen your claim and lead to a better outcome in your case overall.

Let Our Internal Organ Damage Lawyers Fight for You

An internal organ injury can be devastating in many ways, especially if that injury was caused by someone else’s negligence. But you don’t have to face the burden of dealing with your injury alone. The seasoned team at Neufeld Law Firm can help you secure the money you need to cover your losses and fight for the justice you deserve.

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