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Gym Injuries
And Who’s Liable

Gym Injuries
and Who’s Liable

Gym Injuries
By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Gym Injury

It happens all the time we go to the gym and come out with aches and pains all over our bodies. That’s how we know we’ve put in a good workout. But what about when our injuries are worse than your average aches and pains. Sometimes it’s our own fault for not keeping form, we workout so hard that we end up with painful injuries but there are some cases, like equipment failure when the gym is to blame.

Liability waivers at the gym:

Gym owners main aim is to make money and not lose it during a lawsuit so more often than not they will make you sign a liability waiver during the sign up process. This will ensure that when a gym attendee gets injured from not using the machines properly or pushing too hard, they are not at fault. It is important that you keep a copy of the waiver and check for clauses like:

  • Total waiver of liability: This takes any liability of any sort of injury that occurs within the gym away from the gym owners. Because of how broad these waivers are there may be instances where the court does not enforce the waiver.
  • Waiver for negligence. This prevents you from suing the gym itself if you suffer an injury of any sort that occurs due to negligence on behalf of the gym owner or an employee.
  • Waiver of liability. This type of waiver is very hard to uphold in a court and it is there to try and cover for an instance in which there are intentional acts. This means that you can’t sue if someone in the gym assaults you in some way, these waivers are typically unenforceable in court.

It is essential that you understand what your waiver says and fully understand it to be able to determine if you have a case. In instances where you are confused as to whether you have a case an injury lawyer in Aventura will help you determine this.

Premises Liability at the gym

All businesses have a commitment to their customers to make sure their premises Is reasonably safe and free of hazards. This is the same case for a gym. A gym must do this by:

  • Making sure that all the equipment is inspected regularly.
  • slip and fall hazards must be remedied.
  • potential dangers must be repaired or removed.

If a gym has not done any of these things and you have suffered an injury as a result , you are within your rights to choose to file a lawsuit.

Contact a premises liability lawyer in Aventura today

Injuries of any sort can leave you tired, in pain and sometimes suffering so badly you cannot work. The physical, emotional and financial damage that is caused can be immense and you need to be compensated for it. This is where an Aventura Premises Liability lawyer can help you. Get a free consultation about your particular case by contacting Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA. Call our offices at 305-931-6666 or complete this contact form.