Hialeah Motel Must Pay $12M in Negligence Lawsuit
A Hialeah motel guest was murdered back in 2016. The family of Yaimi Machado said the assault was avoidable & twere awarded $12M in a negligence lawsuit.
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Hialeah Motel
Must Pay $12M in Negligence Lawsuit

Hialeah Motel
Must Pay $12M in Negligence Lawsuit

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Negligent Security

A Hialeah motel guest was murdered in sex assault back in 2016. Surveillance cameras captured the incident but apparently, security failed to prevent it. The family of 30-year-old Yaimi Machado said the assault was avoidable and they have been awarded $12M in a negligence lawsuit.

The legal team for the victim says the woman had asked for help and the motel staff refused to help her. She was locked out of her room and beaten to death by Ronald Andrade, who also lives in the area. There is also another video that shows unwanted attempts to come to the victim in the parking lot and in the lobby where he exhibits illicit behaviors. Unfortunately, she was found dead just hours later.

The family is grieving, especially her mother who says her broken heart can never be mended. They filed the lawsuit against the motel owners because they believe they are partly responsible for their daughter’s death. They had several opportunities to prevent her death. Apparently, the hotel had sold the killer alcohol and told him they will help him find a prostitute. He lingered in the property for a while, although he was not a quest. He had also sought sexual favors from a housekeeper.

The lawsuit is a wake-up call to motel owners in Miami without adequate security to prevent these unfortunate incidents from happening and to keep their guests safe. Even budget hotels are required to implement strategies to promote hotel safety. It’s sad that families in South Florida are destroyed by crimes that could have been prevented with adequate security.

Some common examples of negligent security in hotels include:

  • Lack of or defective surveillance cameras in the premises
  • Poor lighting
  • Insufficient or untrained staff
  • Failure to remove quests or visitors under the influence who have shown violent or abusive behavior

Whether the incident was preventable depends on a number of factors such as the type of crime, location, the crime rate in the area, and history of crime in the premises.

It is an unfortunate fact that motels in Miami are magnets for crime. Anybody can become a victim of a violent crime these days. Assaults are common in many South Florida hotels and nightclubs. This is why it is important you arm yourself with the best legal resources if you or a loved one ever face these difficult circumstances.

We are equipped to handle your case

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