Hollywood Car Accident Traffic Cameras

car accident traffic cameras
There are 20 intersection cameras in Hollywood, FL.

After a Car Accident in Hollywood, if liability unclear (e.g. there are conflicting statements as to which driver had the green arrow), as your car accident injury law firm, we want to gather as much evidence as possible to prove our injured client did not cause the auto accident. It is important to remember that these cameras are maintained by American Traffic Solutions. They keep their red light camera footage for Hollywood car accidents for only 30 days. If you contact ATS, they will require a release signed by the Hollywood Police Department and a video request form (i.e. location code, cross streets, direction camera is facing, date, and time. These forms are available on our car accident injury page. You will also need to pay $87.50 for the first 15 minutes and $29.00 for each additional 15 minute increment – for each camera (not for each intersection)….so, for example, there are eastbound and westbound facing cameras at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and 441 / SR-7  in Hollywood, FL. You would want the footage from both cameras to see the car accident accurately and would have to pay twice for each time increment.

Location Code      Camera Direction     Collision Intersection

HW01                     Northbound               US 441 / SR 7 / N 60th Ave @ Sheridan St

HW02                     Southbound               US 441 / SR 7 / N 60th Ave @ Sheridan St

HW04                     Westbound                 Sheridan St @ US 441 / SR 7 / N 60th Ave

HW05                     Northbound               US 441 / SR 7 / N 60th Ave @ Hollywood Blvd

HW06                     Eastbound                  Hollywood Blvd @ US 441 / S 7 / N 60th Ave

HW07                     Westbound                  Hollywood Blvd @ US 441 / SR 7 / N 60th Ave

HW08                     Northbound                US 441 / SR 7 / N 60th Ave @ Washington St

HW09                     Westbound                  State Hwy 824 / Pembroke Rd @ US 441 / SR 7

HW10                      Westbound                  W. Sheridan St @ N Park Rd / N 33rd Ave

HW13                      Westbound                  W. Sheridan St (lanes 4 and 5) @ I-95 NB Off Ramp

HW17                       Eastbound                   Hollywood Blvd @ US 441 / SR 7 / N 60th Ave

HW18                       Westbound                  Hollywood Blvd @ US 441 / SR 7 / N 60th Ave

HW22                       Southbound                Federal Hwy / US 1 @ State Hwy 824 / Pembroke Rd

HW26                       Westbound                 W. Sheridan Street @ N 46th Ave

HW27                       Eastbound                  W. Sheridan St @ N Park Rd / N 33rd Ave

HW28                       Eastbound                  W. Sheridan St @ N 46th Ave

HW29                       Northbound                A1A / N Ocean Dr @ Sheridan Street

HW30                       Westbound                 W. Sheridan St (lanes 1,2, and 3) @ I-95 NB Off Ramp

HW31                       Westbound                  Pembroke Road @ I-95 NB Offramp


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