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Thousand of people suffer some sort of injury due to distracted driving. An experienced car Accident lawyer help you to get your deserve compensation.
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How Our
Lifestyle Promotes Dangerous Driving

How Our
Lifestyle Promotes Dangerous Driving

distracted driving
By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer, north miami beach

There are a hundred and ten things we need to do in the day and often we find ourselves wishing there was more of us to go around. While this isn’t possible we can multitask, and it is something we do quite often. In most cases it is the best idea, like having lunch while typing up all those important documents. There are cases where this can be extremely dangerous, such as driving.

The human brain and multitasking:

Generally speaking most humans are not built to multitask, the human brain cannot focus on two tasks and do it well. Instead it would be better off doing one task at a time and doing it well. In more simpler terms it is possible for the the human brain can switch back and forth between activities quickly, but your performance while performing those tasks will not be accurate. In fact only two percent of the world’s population are good at multitasking.

CNN found that just doing a task like listening to the radio while driving reduces the amount of your brain bandwidth dedicated to driving by about 37 percent.

The dangers of multitasking while driving:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently release data claiming that on a daily basis there are nine fatalities that are suffered due to car accidents resulting from distracted driving. Furthermore roughly a thousand people suffer some sort of injury due to distracted driving.

There are various things that can be considered distracted driving. This includes some of the following:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Making a phone call
  • Sending or reading a text message
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Putting on makeup
  • Reaching for something on the passenger seat
  • Adjusting controls
  • Daydreaming
  • Talking with a passenger
  • Checking your GPS
  • Lighting a cigarette

The repercussions of distracted driving:

Taking your eyes of the road even for a second can prove to be fatal, especially if this is done at fast speeds. This is because you are travelling long distances in short times and with distractions you run the risk of many things occurring in that time, a child could run in front of your car or another vehicle could swerve into your lane.

The following are some things that could happen as a result of distracted driving:

  • Miss a pedestrian who has stepped into the crosswalk right before the light changes. It is very easy to hit someone in this situation.
  • Not see the light change and get rear-ended by a vehicle following you.
  • Fail to see a vehicle running a red light across the intersection

Contact a Car Accident lawyer in Florida:

While the facts above are shocking and no one wishes to be involved in such an situation, if you are ever faced by the traumatized Effects of a car accident contact a car accident lawyer in North Miami Beach as a matter of urgency. For help and support through the situation by an experienced car Accident lawyer North Miami Beach consult one of our team members at 305-91-6666.