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Auto Accident

Anyone can be hurt in an automobile accident at any time. Law enforcement officers, who have learned the best ways to avoid accidents, can be injured when offering assistance.

Earlier this month, Sgt. Patricia Ravine, 35, of the Davie Police department was struck and nearly lost her lifewhile she was rendering aid to the victims of a rollover crash on I-75.

Sgt. Ravine pulled her police cruiser over to the shoulder of the road to assist a driver who had been in a rollover crash. A Kia that swerved to miss the Ravine’s vehicle ended up striking the police officer, then went off the road and onto the shoulder.

Ravine’s husband, Shawn Ravine, who is also a police officer, thought the worst when he heard that his wife had been hit by a car. He has constantly been at his wife’s side since the accident.

Sgt. Ravine was airlifted from the scene of the accident to the hospital and was listed in stable condition. She was placed in the intensive care unit for observation.

The Fraternal Order of Police has set up a Go Fund Me page to assist the Ravines in preparing their home once Patricia Ravine is released from the hospital.

Move Over

In the state of Florida, by law, motorists are required to move over as soon as they safely can do so. If a motorist is unable to move over, they are required to reduce their speed by 20 mph below the posted speed limit and slow down a speed of 5 mph if the posted speed limit is below 20 mph. Not obeying the law can put you, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other emergency crew workers at risk of injury. According to Florida Statute 316.126, not slowing or moving over will result in fines, fees, and a mark on the driving record.

In Florida, our roadways are very busy. Most drivers zoom by, leaving those who are stranded by the roadside in danger. Accidents involving pulled over or disabled vehicles are all too common.

Vehicle Statistics

If another driver is distracted or simply doesn’t see the vehicle that is pulled over, it can result in serious injuries or death. In a government report issued by the NHTSA in 2009, some 18.6% of all crashes happened when a vehicle was pulled off of the roadway and were on the shoulder or median. That same year, the U.S. Census Bureau issued a report indicating 2,558 accidents happened in the state of Florida that year. Of those, fatalities, an estimated 366 were roadside accidents.

Roadside Safety First

  • If your vehicle breaks down, try to get to the nearest off-ramp if you can. If not, then try to get your vehicle and as far off the road and onto the right shoulder as possible.
  • Put on your emergency flashers so that other motorists can more easily see you.
  • Dial 911. Give your location to the dispatcher if you know it.
  • Stay inside your vehicle until help arrives.

If you’ve been injured on the shoulder of I-95 around North Miami, it’s essential that you obtain the services of a car accident personal injury lawyer at Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA. Call today for a free no-obligation consultation.