Lack of Security Can be a Catalyst for Personal Injury

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We’ve all seen the signs before “So and So Business is not responsible for any items lost, damaged or stolen on their property. Please lock your cars and take the necessary precautions to protect your belongings.” But what happens when there aren’t adequate security measures on the premises to begin with? Does the onus still fall on the victim or on the establishment? Many assaults, robberies and crimes take place either in dimly lighted parking lots or garages. Usually, the victim is walking to their car alone and so focused on getting in their vehicle, that they do not notice their surroundings. It is extremely easy to pick out your next prey if there isn’t a threat or sign of security presence. Luckily, most parking garages and parking lots have security cameras nowadays. But is it enough?

If you have been the victim of an attack or robbery on the premises of a business or company, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit citing inadequate security measures. In the best interest of their customers, businesses should try to provide reasonable security measures i.e. security guards, surveillance cameras, sufficiently lit parking areas. Most attackers lurk – literally — in the shadows waiting on a straggler or someone they perceive as an easy target. At Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA, the personal injury attorneys serve the South Florida area and represent victims of such attacks. We understand this can be a traumatic occurrence, so the last thing you need is to worry about finding a personal injury attorney in South Florida who will fight ferociously to recover what you legally are entitled to.

Poor Security Could Yield Consequences

Without adequate security measures on the site of a business increases the chances of valued customers becoming victims of theft. There are hundreds of cases reported a day of cars being broken into or being stolen from the premises of an establishment. Although the establishment is not responsible for the actual theft, if there are no deterrents present, they still may be held liable for the crime. If you are injured in the commission of the crime, then you need to get a hold of a personal injury attorney in South Florida who will go to bat for you and get the compensation you deserve.

Many women often have co-workers escort them to their cars, especially if they work late shifts (nurses, waitresses, bartenders, etc). Why? Thousands of women each year report being accosted, assaulted or sexually assaulted either in a parking garage or parking lot because there was a lack of security. This can be traumatic and mentally damaging for the victim.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in South Florida

If you have been injured on the premises of a business due to lack of security measures, you need to reach out to Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA. Their personal injury attorneys are some of the best in South Florida. It is incumbent upon a business to look out for the best interest and safety of their clients. Anything less is unacceptable. If you have been violated, set up a consultation with Neufeld, Kleinberg and Pinkiert, PA. Let them fight back for you.

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