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If you could not avoid the accident, then you may have a case. Call a personal injury attorney today and schedule your initial case evaluation.
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Why your
landlord should keep you safe?

Why your
landlord should keep you safe?

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Premises Liability Lawyer

Tenants of rental properties should understand their renter rights and how they can protect themselves in case of an accident. Many tenants don’t know they can expect a certain level of safety. Careless landlords should be held accountable for any harm they may have caused their existing tenants, that includes failing to keep the property safe. Contact a premises liability attorney about your unsafe or illegal living conditions. You may have a case.

Despite so many laws out there encouraging a good relationship between the landlord and tenant, sometimes tenants can be harassed by landlords. This creates a difficult situation, particularly for the tenant who may wish to terminate the lease and move out. It is important you understand your rights and protect yourself from retaliation. If your landlord has not provided a safe and secure living situation and you get involved in an accident, there are laws that protect you.

The landlord is responsible for injuries you or visitors may suffer in the property. Some factors to consider when studying a premises liability case include the reason why the individual was on the property, how the property was used, and if the accident was predictable. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident and the causes thereof.

Most slip and fall accidents in apartment buildings or rental homes are caused by unsafe conditions, including areas that aren’t well lit, obstacles in stairways, and slippery surfaces. Every year, many tenants in these properties suffer severe injuries in these types of accidents. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, about 50% of all deaths at home are caused by slip and fall accidents, which accounts for 8 million ER visits.

Some of the most common areas for these accidents to happen include:

  • Stairways and doorways
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Ladders
  • Crowded areas

Some problems associated with slip and fall accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Arm and leg injuries
  • Head and neck injuries causing permanent damage
  • Torn ligaments

Proving fault

While the landlord’s insurance generally covers the injuries sustained in the property, you may need to hire an experienced Miami premises liability attorney to dig deeper into your premises liability case. There are some specific incidents where landlords are held accountable for accidents that occur on their property.

In order to prove your landlord is liable, you must present h2 evidence that proves he or she knew about the potential hazard and did nothing to correct the situation. Perhaps your landlord created a dangerous walking surface or any other risky situation that caused the accident. Your attorney needs to take a look at your circumstances and determine if the landlord is liable for your injuries.

Just remember the law considers you responsible for your safety as well. In other words, you are responsible to read and heed warning signs. You will have to prove you were not careless, you were not trespassing a restricted area, and observed where you walked. If you could not avoid the accident, then you may have a case. Call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.